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Telecast Fiber Systems, inc

Telecast MTR6442i-15 Intercom Transceiver - Throwdown 1550nm

Intercom transceiver & 4W/2W hybrid (w/autonull), RTS & C-C, throwdown, 1 SM fiber: int WDM @ 1550nm, ST conn. Reqs (M)TR6442i-13. Note: The CommLink utilizes Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) for bidirectional signal transmission on a single fiber strand. Hence, all fiber links must consist of a 1310nm unit (suffix "-13") at one end and a 1550nm unit (suffix "-15") at the other.

Extend two channels of Partyline or Digital Matrix intercom over a single strand of fiber.

Telecast's CommLink is a fiber-optic transceiver system that uses one strand of fiber to carry two channels of "production intercom," insuring robust voice and data connectivity over distances far beyond the capacity of copper cables. It is compatible with the industry's most popular intercom systems:


Digital Matrix:
Clear-Com MatrixPlus/Eclipse
RTS Adam/Cronus/Zeus

Generic 4-Wire and Data:
Two Channels of bi-di audio
Two paths of bi-di data
RS422 or RS485

The system can link one partyline system to another partyline system, a matrix frame to two keypanels, or act as a two-wire to four wire hybrid adaptor via fiber or as a standalone local unit.

Simply plug two channels of Clear-Com PL (two XLRs) or RTS TW (one XLR) into each CommLink module and connect them with a fiber cable. The system will "translate" between two systems so that you can have Clear-Com at one end and RTS at the other. It even translates the call lights.

Advanced DSP Auto-Nulling
Once the system is connected, a simple toggle of the AUTO NULL switch provides for a high quality
digital system null of the two-wire system, no matter what the load, without the need for manual adjustments.

  • Transports two intercom channels via one strand of single mode fiber up to 30 KM
  • Infrastructure Fiber
  • Tactical Fiber cable
  • Compatible with most Partyline and Digital Matrix intercom systems
  • Two-Wire Partyline:
  • Clear-Com
  • RTS TW
  • Matrix:
  • Clear-Com MatrixPlus/Eclipse
  • RTS Adam/Cronus/Zeus
  • Advanced Automatic Digital Nulling
  • Internal power supply can provide power for up to 10 Clear-Com or RTS beltpacks.
  • Advanced hybrid interfaces two two-wire intercom lines to two four-wire lines
  • Uses a single common ST connector
  • Immune to RF interference and ground loops.
  • Front panel status monitoring
  • Available in three mechanical configurations:
  • Rack-mountable in Viper II Frame
  • Viper II Throwdown
  • Mini Mussel enclosure for harsh environment
  • Acts as a stand-alone (non-fiber) dual-channel digital hybrid interface
  • Made in U.S.A.
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