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K&M 19732 iPad2 Wall Mount

K&M 19732 iPad2 Wall Mount

Great for webstreaming displays! The 19732 wall mount holds your iPad2 securely and safely to the wall or any surface mount display. The mount is simply attached to the wall using the 3 fastening bores. The iPad can effortlessly be clipped into and out of the holder and once attached the iPad can be turned 360 degrees securely.


  • Bearing plate:197 x 252.1 mm
  • Material: plastic
  • Max. load capacity: 1.6 Lbs.
  • Mounting: attaches to walls
  • Special features: iPad is easily clipped into the holder; dock-connector and headphone jack are accessible; freely rotatable by 360ΓΈ; suitable for iPad 2
  • Swivel: 360
  • Type: black
  • Weight: 0.33 Lbs.

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