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I-Got-Control IRB1 Infrared Remote Control Accessory for iPhone or iPod Touch

Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a Universal Remote Control!

Are you seeking How to Turn Your iPhone into the Ultimate Universal Remote Control? Stay in control no matter where you go with i-Got-Control. This plug-and-play IRB1 accessory and its associated iTunes application instantly turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal learning remote control that can control virtually any infrared device - TV, Cable Box, stereo system and more - at home or on the go.

With i-Got-Control's built-in worldwide IR database and learning capability, you just CONNECT, SELECT and CONTROL your A/V components anytime, anywhere - no Wi-Fi network, wires or batteries needed. This product will be compatible with the next generation iPhone

i-Got-Control quickly and easily replaces the multiple remote controls that clutter your home. And, when you're on the go, i-Got-Control lets you operate A/V equipment in your hotel or conference room, as well as many other places that utilize IR equipment, in just three simple steps.

The graphic user interface is highly intuitive, providing both audible and visual feedback to the user. And, at only $69.95, i-Got-Control makes it easier than ever to "take control" wherever you are!

  • Built-in IR library with 1000's of remotes pre-installed
  • IR Learning capable for codes not found in library
  • Use to control AV Home Theater Components and Home Automation IR devices such as lights, fans, AC etc.
  • Includes IR codes for iTunes and Front Row
  • Portable - take the IRB1 on-the-go to control devices in Hotel Rooms, the office, friends house, even the local pub! Take Control wherever you go!
  • Easy to setup: just Connect, Select, Control
  • Dimensions: 50mm(L) x 29.6mm(W) x 10.4mm(H)
  • Weight: 0.5oz (14grams)
  • Power: Powered by iPhone/iPod Touch (No Batteries required)
  • Connection: Apple 30Pin Connector
  • IR Output: Distance: 30ft
  • IR Dispersion angle: 30degrees (+/-15degrees off Center)
  • IR Library: Contains IR codes from 1000's of Consumer Electronic devices from around the world
  • IR Learning: 30kHz to 100kHz Carrier frequency
  • IR Learning Capability: depends on iPhone/iPod Touch Memory (virtually learns unlimited).
  • # of Devices supported: (from Library or Learned) Unlimited. Organized via Pages. 9 Devices per page. pages automatically created as needed.
  • LED Indicators: 2 Led's: GREEN = GOOD, RED = BAD<

Please Note: Requires i-Got-Control software which is a free download on iTunes.

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