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Savage Universal Corp.

Savage 62037-4612 Porta Stand/Vinyl Kit Chroma Key Green

Savage 62037-4612 Porta Stand/Vinyl Kit; Chroma Key Green
Port-a-Stand/Vinyl Kit includes

Savage Port-a-stand:

A versatile, yet compact metal portable background stand. Matte black finish. Stand opens to 10' wide, 8' 10" high and collapses to 44" for ease of carrying. The vertical uprights can be used as light stands for a completely versatile all-in-one system. Comes complete with bag. The perfect background stand for location.

Savage Infinity Vinyl Background 5'x12'- Green Vinyl

Savage Infinity Vinyl Backgrounds are the finest available on the market. It's unique matte finish allows for a glare free background. Ideal for all portrait and commercial photography.Infinity Vinyl Backgrounds come in rolls on strong cores and can be used on most background support systems.

  • Matte Finish - No Glare
  • Professional Quality Vinyl
  • Durable
  • Pure white when properly lit
  • Ideal for high key photography
  • Easy to clean with damp sponge
  • Sturdy cores prevent wrinkles
  • Seamless, hangs straight
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