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Rackmount AC Power Conditioners

    Spike and surge protected UL Models, EMI/RFI filtered, master power switch, total 1800 watts, 15 amps, front panel reset circuit breaker and a 6 foot 14 gauge 3-wire U-grounded Edison power cord. Digital voltmeter display, retractable rack illuminators and front panel outlet available on certain models. Standard 19" x 1.75" rack space, 7.75" deep. Listed by ETL testing laboratories.
  • Model PD9L Includes: 15 amp, 1800 watt with 9 U-grounded Edison AC outlets (1 always on front, 8 back), dual retractable rack illuminators, high/low on/off switch
  • Model PD11P includes: 20 amp, 2400 watt with 11 U-grounded Edison AC outlets (8 back switched, 2 back & 1 front always on), spike & surge protection, EMI/RFI filtration
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