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Hall Research Technologies

Hall Research Technologies VS-4A 4-Port VGA Switch with Audio and Serial Control

Hall Research VS-4A 4-Port VGA Switch with Audio and Serial Control

The Model VS-4A is a versatile and compact 4 input x 1 output VGA & audio switch. It supports PC resolutions to 1600x1200 or HD resolutions to 1080p. The unit allows one monitor to be switched between four video and audio sources. The switched output can be selected via front panel push-button, through RS-232 serial port, or automatically by scanning and detecting active video on the inputs. In 'Auto' mode, the user can also assign priority to any of the inputs, whereby if all video inputs are active, the selected input would have precedence. The switched output can be blanked (with audio muted) or unblanked via the front panel or through the serial port. Optional rackmount brackets are also available.

  • Allows four video & stereo audio input sources to be switched to one output
  • Can be controlled manually by push-button, via Serial port or by detecting active video input
  • Select inputs 1, 2, 3, 4, or blank the output
  • Auto mode automatically scans and selects the input with active video
  • Auto Mode priority can be set for any input or no-priority
  • Switched output can be blanked and un-blanked
  • Stores the last selection and mode in EEPROM
  • In scanning mode inputs are shown for pre-determined periods
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