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Music 2 Hues

Music 2 Hues Full Flagship Series Full 95 Title Set on USB Drive

The Music 2 Hues Flagship Series is their premier music line and offers the most diversified music content. The full 95 Title Set on USB Drive.

  • Flagship Titles Include;
  • Acoustic & Folk Titles: Contemporary Heartland; Traditional Folk Guitar; Ukulele; Americana Folk; Feel Good Acoustic; Soft Acoustic Pop; Arts & Crafts; Somber Guitar; Down Home; Folk-Styles; Acoustic Guitar.
  • World & Ethnic Titles: International Mix; Global Pulse; Nu World Beats; The Outback; Safari; World Grooves.
  • Filmstyles & Cinematic Titles: Soft Emotions; Nature; Symphonic; Suspense & Tension; Movie Scores; Orchestral.
  • Easy Listening Titles: Progressive Piano; Soft Piano; Easy Moving; Solo Piano; Piano Moods; Piano & Flute; Extended Themes; Romance & Drama.
  • Island & Tropical Titles: Island Adventures; Acoustic Hawaiian Moods; Caribbean Dreams; Trade Winds.
  • Oldies & Retro Titles: Disco Funk; FlashBack: The 70's; Retro; Swing ( Big Band ); Energetic; FlashBack: The 60's.
  • Action & Industrial Titles: Modern Motion; Adrenaline Crush; Cutting Edge Sports; Motivational; High Energy; Competitive Edge; Sports Rock; Modern Industrial; Power Corporate; Action Sports.
  • Hot Grooves Titles: Upbeat Urban; Big Beat Hip Hop; Drums & Percussion; Euro Trance; Drum-n-Bass; Urban Industrial; Rave; Groove-a-Holic; Urban Grooves.
  • Rock & Blues Guitar Titles: Hard Blues; Folk Acoustic Blues; Tribal Rock; Classic Rock; Heavy Rock; Rhythm & Blues; Action Guitars; Power Guitar; Guitar Rock.
  • Production Elements: Percussive Underscores; Cinematic Dronescores; Groovy Drums; Logos & Bumpers; Transitions; Short Themes; Stingers & Tags.
  • And much more!
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