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Signature Music Library

Christmas Is Here Signature Music Library CD

    High Quality Music With Copyright Clearance ! The Signature Music Library gives you effective music for your broadcast, multimedia & video productions with a limited 50 year "buy-out" type license. You get permission to synchronize the music for use as a part of any spoken communication program or commercial message. Performance rights are granted for meetings and direct internal presentations. Broadcast and other public performances are via ASCAP & BMI licenses held by airing station or channel. Purchase Options Choose from a full set, a Special Interest Group package or Individual CDs. SML 1-30 contain program length themes (2.5 to 5+ minutes). The commercial length themes of :30 and :60 cuts, on SML A-F, are for broadcast & short segment use, edited from SML 1-11.
  • SML-16 Kidz & Comedy Light-hearted toones characterized by their fun, whimsical, playful and zany moods.
  • SML-20 Sweet Dreams Tenderhearted moods. Acoustic orchestrations provide children's moods and sentimental appeals.
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