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NTI Americas Inc.

NTI ML1 Minilyzer Analog Audio Analyzer

    State-of the-art DSP technology allows NTI to provide customers with a pocket-size Audio Analyzer giving a comprehensive set of measurement functions, combined with excellent specifications at a very competitive price.

    Comprehensive set of Analysis Functions Include
  • LEVEL as RMS or Peak values in absolute or relative units
  • THD+N in dB and Percent
  • PPM & VU Meter (Multinorm)
  • Frequency measurements
  • Polarity test function for speakers and systems
  • Common mode measurements (Signal balance)
  • Auto ranging, auto scaling, auto nulling
  • Frequency response sweep capabilities with external signals
  • Selectable HP and weighting filters
  • 100 x 64 pixel graphical display with backlight illumination
  • Extremely low power consumption utilizing APM technology
  • Intuitive, self-explanatory operation with pull-down menus
  • Ideally complements the Minirator
  • Competitively priced

    As a commitment to our customers, our investment in expertise has enabled us to provide a design not just of decent but excellent and superior specifications in all aspects such as a level accuracy of <0.1 dB, residual THD+N of < -85 dB (0.005 %), fast measurement speed with more than 3 readings per second and more.

    Connections A balanced XLR as well as an unbalanced RCA connector are available to connect the test signal to the device. The system automatically detects the input source and activates the appropriate mode. A headphone output allows monitoring of the input signal at a normalized level for aural diagnostics. To further simplify operation a built-in microphone is fitted that is automatically activated as soon as the polarity test function is selected.
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