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JETRACK JET800 Space Saving Interior Ladder Storage System

JET RACK Space Saving Interior Ladder Storage System

If your ladder isn't getting knocked around, being buried under equipment, and blocking the shelves inside your truck, then it must be getting covered with rain, dirt, snow, or being baked by the sun on the outside of your truck.

Our solution The JET RACK - JET800. For years we lived with that very problem. Then we found a way to take a piece of standard Unistrut *not included and a few small parts and turn them into a compact and inexpensive modular system that can be quickly adjusted to allow the most common types of A-frame fiberglass ladders to be stored in the most unused space inside your vehicle--the ceiling!

The Jet Rack is now being requested by electricians, plumbers, maintenance personnel, anyone who uses a ladder as part of their job. By placing their ladder inside their vehicle they have reduced the time it takes to set up and clean up when starting and finishing a job. We've found dozens of ways to put Jet Rack to use. Whether in a work truck, trailer, storage area, or simply around the home, the Jet Rack ladder racking system is sure to save you time, space, and put an end your ladder storage frustration.

Please note: Unistrut NOT INCLUDED!

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