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Smart AVI APPR-PX-XXS Presenter 8-Port Xpress Board Display w/Video Connection

Smart AVI APPR-PX-XXS Presenter 8-Port Xpress Board Display w/Video Connection

The SmartAVI Xpander Xpress octal display card is based on ATI's Radeon™ X1650 Series. The Xpander Xpress is the ideal solution for video wall multimedia running XVGA or DVI in eye-catching 32-bit truecolor, for desktop and DVD playback. Xpander Xpress is capable of supporting up to 8 displays per port. SmartAVI's PresenterWall software makes the XP4-Xpress the solution to your video wall needs. Affordable and ideal for large video wall requirement, Xpander Xpress supports 4 x 4 and larger applications with video overlay options.

Your system will be able to handle the latest video, Adobe Flash, Microsoft® PowerPoint, and high-definition digital images. Based on Radeon™ X1650, Xpander Xpress is capable of displaying a billion colors more than competing graphics processors, boasts one of the highest video performance scores in the industry, and can bring today's video wall systems to life with outstanding shader performance and simultaneous high dynamic range lighting and full-screen anti-aliasing, available only with ATI products. ATI's Radeon™ X1650 graphics technology onboard SmartAVI's Xpander Xpress lets you create productions with exceptional graphics performance. The Xpander Xpress series delivers stunning 3D graphics, excellent performance, and all of the extensive features of a high-end graphics processortional graphics performance.
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