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ikan Corporation

ikan PrompterPro 2.0 Teleprompting Software

ikan PrompterPro 2.0 Teleprompting Software

PrompterPro 2.0 is the new and improved version of PrompterPro. It includes many new features that make the software even better than it was before. Features like mouse control and an adjustable cue marker will make your production life a lot easier. Being able to edit your text on the fly and saving the changes is also a brand new feature that you're sure to love.

Edit your Script on the Fly
PrompterPro 2.0 allows you to edit your text on the fly. You can import standard text files or Rich Text files. You can edit color, size, and font. Once you make your changes you can also save them for next time.

Use your Mouse Scroll Wheel to Adjust Speed & Direction
New to version 2.0 is the ability to use the scroll whell on your mouse to adjust speed and direction. This feature gives you new freedom not had before. You can use your wireless mouse to control the action.

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