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iPower 4 Bay 9V Battery Charger With 4 - 9v Lithium Polymer Batteries

iPower Rechargeable 9V Batteries
Enough Juice for Wireless! Pays for Itself in 10 Charges!

Until now, rechargeable 9V batteries were both underpowered and unreliable for wireless pro-audio applications as well as film and video. New version 500 mAh IPower Lithium Polymer batteries changes all of that with reliability, economy and not to mention plenty of Juice! Tested by working professionals with excellent results for low cost all day power with a re-chargeable 9V battery. 9V batteries from iPower using Lithium Polymer chemistry have definite cost and capacity advantages with more than 200 charges. Excellent capacity, high discharge rate when needed, low self discharge, dependable charger, charges in only an hour, can charge from a 12 Volt source, doesn't swell, excellent low temperature performance. Gives reasonable warning with battery indicator circuits. With Universal AC Adaptor and Car Charging Cord.

Lithium Polymer batteries use a new gel-type electrolyte. This gel has an energy density that is 20% more than typical Lithium Ion batteries and approximately 3 times better than NiCad or NiMh. Batteries retain 80% capacity after 100 charging cycles.

  • iPower Battery / Charger Combo
  • iPower Battery/ charger combination includes the iPower FC-9VX44 (4) bay Charger
  • (4) 9V 500 mAhr Lithium Polymer batteries.
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