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Bulk Tape Erasers & Degaussers

We specialize in Bulk Tape Erasers & Degaussers with expert advice, large in-stock inventory and a high level of customer service. We answer your questions by teaching you with our custom video content created by our writing and production team with a weekly video on Bulk Tape Erasers & Degaussers. Markertek sets the standard for education and the very best customer service in the broadcasting Industry.

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Professional High Power Degaussing Coil

Professional High Power Degaussing Coil

Eliminates stray magnetic fields in color TV sets as required prior to purity adjustment. Indispensible for color TV service. Safe to use. Coil is made to standard industry specifications...

Waldom Electronics

Our Part# DC-9397
List Price $79.28
Our Price $45.85

Garner MDS-5 Degausser

Garner MDS-5 Degausser

The TD-5 is our high energy degausser designed to erase all formats of audio, video, computer and digital media up to 2200 oersteds, including hard drives. The Audiolab TD-5 Professional ...

Garner Products

Our Part# MDS-5
List Price $1,975.00
Our Price $1,954.10

Powerful 3000 Gauss Professional Bulk Tape Eraser

Powerful 3000 Gauss Professional Bulk Tape Eraser

Fantastic Broadcast Value! This powerful unit offers the finest value in the industry relative to the very powerful 3000 gauss flux intensity for complete erasures. Unit features spindle fo...


Our Part# TD3000
List Price $599.99
Our Price $452.05

Piranha Disc Destruction System

Piranha Disc Destruction System

The Piranha System is designed for fast and easy CD or DVD media destruction at an affordable price point. Now organizations or even consumers can permanently destroy their sensitive data s...

Condre Storage

Our Part# PIRANHA-1
List Price $399.00
Our Price $382.65

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