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Friday, November 28, 2014

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New York Jets Select LiveU Backpack for Live Video Coverage

Tue, 25 Nov 2014 10:00:48 -0500

LiveU has partnered with the NFL’s New York Jets to provide the team’s live video technology solution. LiveU’s LU500 video transmission backpack allows the NY Jets digital media team to transmit live video from any location directly to the team’s website (, mobile app, and postproduction facility. Currently, with the use of LiveU’s technology, fans can tune in for live coverage of the team’s pre and postgame shows, as well as, selected press conferences and special team events throughout the week.

Weighing only 2.2Lbs (1kg), LiveU’s LU500 live video backpack offers up to 13 network links, including eight internal cellular modems and proprietary antenna technology for high-quality video transmission from anywhere; without requiring satellite trucks, running cables, or any line-of-sight restrictions.

The NY Jets digital media team began utilizing the LU500 in the 2014 preseason to support the team’s training camp programming. After the successful debut of the first unit, the team quickly decided it needed a second LU500 field unit in order to capture all the unique live footage fans crave. Throughout the 2014 season, the NY Jets are able to stream live video from any spot, both at home and on the road, including from the side-line, locker room, stadium tunnels, team hotels and buses, practice facilities, and much more. The LU500 can be fully controlled and managed via LiveU Central, a cloud-based management system for a one-stop destination to control, monitor, and manage all LiveU units, servers, and apps.

“LiveU technology is a game-changer when it comes to fans and content consumption,” said Seth Rabinowitz, Jets SVP of Marketing and Fan Engagement, “With LiveU, we are able to provide our fans with considerably more real-time content so they can hear directly from the team in a timely, unfiltered way.”

“We are very happy to see the Jets leveraging our technology,” said Ken Zamkow, VP Marketing – Americas, LiveU. “With extensive presence in both professional and college sports, LiveU is the gold standard for live video transmission. Whether for game-related content, faster posting of video clips, or even full varsity games, the technology has become an inseparable part of sports production.”

Fresh 4K Camera Offerings Hit Market via RED Digital, JVC

Mon, 24 Nov 2014 12:32:53 -0500

The recent CCW Conference in New York City is typically not known for having world debuts of products but two advances in 4K production at the show provided new options for 4K content creation professionals as well as some fresh product news.

JVC, for example, launched three 4K Ultra HD cameras at the show, including the GY-HM200, a 4K camera can not only record 4K internal recording using a 1/2-.3-inhc BSI CMOS chip but also live HD transmission via built-in WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity. Also unveiled was the GY-LS300 that has JVC’s 4K Super 35mm CMOS sensor combined with a standard Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount to provide greater lens choice. Lastly, the GY-HM170 4KCAM compact camcorder was introduced, with the same features as the GY-HM200 minus the WiFi/LTE connectivity.

RED Digital, meanwhile, unveiled its live 4K configuration via a new 4K Broadcast Module.

“What we’ve done with the broadcast module is allow a live image to pass through the built-in FPGA so it is processed and debayered into quad 4K,” says Michael Rintoul, RED Digital Cinema, field operative. “So we can stream live from a camera that was previously just file based.”

In addition, adds Rintoul, an external recorder or a video monitor can also be connected and it can also simultaneously output quad 4K, 1080p, and record on the internal drive at a resolution of up to 6K.

“That allows for three different uses at once,” he adds. “And it is also very compact and scalable so it can be as small or big as the user wants. There are lots of options for lenses, including big box lenses.”

Upcoming live tests with sports broadcasters will prove out the new concept as issues like remote control of imaging exposure have been finalized. Rintoul says it is important to give a sports market that has worked with the RED camera for non-live needs to see a new use.

“RED is not new to broadcast so it’s just getting people to realize the potential of the system and the proper application,” says Rintoul.

Daimler Taps Riedel for Demo of Mercedes-Benz ‘Future Truck 2025'

Fri, 21 Nov 2014 09:25:15 -0500

Riedel Communications, provider of pioneering real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks, announced that Daimler deployed Riedel equipment to provide press and other guests with their first demonstration of the Mercedes-Benz “Future Truck 2025,” the world’s first truck capable of driving autonomously. System integrator XL Video GmbH supplied the Riedel MediorNet Modular real-time media network, Artist digital matrix intercom system, and pure fiber cable used for video and audio transport during the event, staged by creative agency [mu:d] GmbH on a new piece of autobahn.

“In introducing a major achievement for Daimler, we wanted to be certain that guests enjoyed the best possible look at the ‘Future Truck 2025,’” said Tobias Nickels, video project manager, at [mu:d] GmbH. “The quality of the signals delivered over the Riedel network, as well as the flexibility of the network itself, gave us a powerful tool for showcasing the innovation and style of this new truck.”

During the Daimler event near Magdeburg, grandstands for guests were positioned along the roadway to provide a look at the unique Mercedes-Benz truck, which uses a “Highway Pilot” system to drive autonomously at speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. A large LED screen displayed live images from different areas of the road during the demonstration, as well as video from three on-board cameras. A wireless receiver site for the on-board camera systems was established near the control room. The Grass Valley LDX cameras used Riedel’s MN-GV-2 cards and local power to interface via fiber into the MediorNet Modular fiber ring, which supported audio and video signal transport.

Initially, two cameras were positioned at the main grandstand and another two at autobahn overpasses. The flexibility of Riedel’s fiber-based network made it easy for [mu:d] and XL Video GmbH to go back and install a third camera on one overpass without needing to run another two kilometers of cabling. The four nodes of the fiber ring were situated in the main control room, at the video wall, and at the two overpasses.

“Riedel equipment sets the standard for live event communications and signal transport, and the performance, versatility, and reliability of the company’s solutions were evident in the quality of the Daimler ‘Future Truck 2025′ event,” said Christian Heinzel, broadcast manager at XL Video GmbH. “We felt extremely comfortable recommending this equipment to [mu:d] and Daimler, and it proved worthy for the high-profile launch of what likely represents the long-haul vehicle of the future.”

Commission Affirms Commitment to Combat Rural Call Completion Problems

Thu, 20 Nov 2014 10:46:11 -0500

The Federal Communications Commission’s experiment exploring how to expand robust broadband in rural America in the most cost-effective way has attracted almost 600 project bids from 181 applicants, representing nearly $885 million worth of projects.

In total, the 181 applicants proposed to serve over 76,000 census blocks in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. In the coming weeks, staff will identify the provisionally winning bidders, who then will be required to submit information demonstrating their financial and technical ability to participate in the $100 million experiment. Finalists that are able to meet financial, technical and other regulatory requirements could launch their experiments as early as spring 2015.

The FCC’s rural broadband experiments will inform the agency’s broader effort to expand rural broadband through its Connect America Fund. They will also inform the FCC’s efforts to ensure that consumers everywhere can benefit from the sweeping technological advances occurring now in the communications industry, while preserving consumer protection, competition, universal service and access to emergency services during these transitions.

Bidders included a diverse group of entities, including competitive providers, electric utilities, wireless internet service providers, and others.

The $100 million available for the experiments is divided into three groups as follows:
- $75 million to test competitive interest in building networks that are capable of delivering 100 Mbps downloads and 25 Mbps uploads (far in excess of the current Connect America Fund standard of 4/1) for the same or lower amounts of support than will be offered to incumbent carriers in Phase II of Connect America
- $15 million to test interest in delivering service at 10/1 speeds in high cost areas
- $10 million for 10/1 service in areas that are extremely costly to serve.

NewTek Names Scott Gentry VP of Worldwide Marketing Communications

Wed, 19 Nov 2014 10:39:36 -0500

Scott Gentry has joined newTek as vice president of worldwide marketing communications with responsibilities for corporate and product positioning, branding and identity, public relations, and ensuring continued customer and worldwide growth in market position.

“Our goal at NewTek is to revolutionize the way that people create video. With new products like TalkShow and TriCaster Mini we plan on expanding the momentum we already have with live production, streaming and replay,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek president and CTO. “Scott’s background and experience in the media and professional video industry make him ideally suited to lead NewTek’s growth strategy in the year ahead and into the future.”

Prior to joining NewTek, Gentry was founder and CEO of ProVideo Coalition and held a range of executive-level positions in the media industry including DV Magazine, Film & Video, CableWorld, CableFax, and AV Video. He was show director for DV Expo and a founder of His relationship with NewTek started over 25 years ago with the Video Toaster at his automotive-focused production company. He has also worked for ABC Sports, “All My Children,” and the NFL New York Jets and New York Giants.

“Video production, distribution and consumption are increasing at historic rates and NewTek has long been at the center of enabling creative story tellers to do things they didn’t realize they were capable of,” said Gentry. “Whether it’s providing cost-effective alternatives to traditional broadcasters or delivering broadcast-quality capabilities to a new generation of video producers, it’s an exciting time to be joining NewTek and be a part of that great story.”

Markertek Video of the Week:

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A system designed to produce 35 mm anamorphic prints from a 35 mm negative having images approximately one half the height of regular negative images and produced by using a special one half frame (2 perforation) pulldown camera. During printing, the negative image was blown up to normal height and squeezed to normal print image width to produce a regular anamorphic print that provided a projected aspect ratio of 2.35:1. The system was designed primarily to conserve negative raw stock.

Audio Technica ATW-1701 Camera-Mount Receiver - ATW-T1001 UniPak Transmitter
Rock Solid Performance!
Audio Technica System 10 Camera-Mount Digital Wireless System is a digital wireless system designed to provide rock-solid performance along with easy setup and clear, natural sound quality. Featuring a compact design, the system is available in handheld, lavalier and body-pack configurations. Operating in the 2.4 GHz range, far from TV and DTV interference, this system offers extremely easy operation and instantaneous channel selection. Up to eight channels may be used together without any frequency coordination problems or group selection issues.System 10 offers high-fidelity digital wireless for performing musicians and pres...

Atomos Ninja Star Pocket-size Apple ProRes Recorder & Deck
Star Power!
The Ninja Star is a must have for people who need to "Record Apple ProRes on Board" camera rigs, such as Drones, RC Helicopters, extreme sports and Reality TV.The Ninja Star is the next break through in external HDMI recorders based on core technologies that have made Atomos the leader in camera mounted solutions. Its small, self contained size and flexible mounting options allow DP's and cameramen to mount it to just about any POV set-up and offer edit ready format recording with ProRes.Since the company was founded in 2010 Atomos has broken new ground in the design and functionality of recording, monitoring and playback dev...

Atomos Powerstation for Atomos Monitors/Recorders and Cameras/Camera Accessories

The Atomos POWERSTATION is a lightweight mobile cart with a collapsible design that is perfect for interactive touchscreens and confidence monitors.The dual DC outputs and provided splitter cable allows charging of up to 3 DC devices on the rig. Your choice of DSLR, lighting, monitor or Atomos product up to a maximum of 5A output.A flexible dual USB power source allows you to charge 2 x 1A devices. The provided 2600mAh batteries is enough to charge aniPhone 5 from 0 to 100%, 3 times over.Features:

  • CONTINUOUS POWER: Our patented Continuous Power dual batt...

Blackmagic CONVMBSQUH4K2 Mini Converter - Quad SDI to HDMI 4K 2
4K Today!
Connect Single Link 6G-SDI, Dual Link 3G-SDI or Quad Link HD-SDI to the newest HDMI 4K projectors and televisions that support Ultra HD over a single HDMI link. Includes SD/HD and Ultra HD auto switching, plus analog or AES/EBU audio de-embedding.The new Blackmagic Mini Converter range are the worlds most advanced converters because they include the latest 6G-SDI technology, plus automatically detect the input video format and instantly change between virtually all SD, HD and Ultra HD video standards! Simply plug in and Mini Converters will convert between your equipment all automatically! You get advanced features such as red...

CAIG Labs K-FO79 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
Keep it Clean!
CAIG Laboratories Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit is made in the USA and gives the technician everything needed to clean fiber optic connections and prepare fiber for splicing. Works with LC, SC, ST, and Neutrik OpticalCON fiber connectors. All of the accessories are lint free and the CAIG Fiber Cleaning Fluid is fast to evaporate and leaves no residue. Uniquely, this kit also includes CAIG's Precision Air Duster that facilitates removal of any loose debris and other contaminants at the outset of cleaning. The multiple sizes of swabs and cleaning sticks, and the polyester cellulose wipes included in the kit allow for the cleaning of the...

ScopePrepared By The Markertek Engineering Department...

IP-based Audio Monitoring Solution for FM Radio Transmitters – and More!

How do you ensure your FM broadcast really reaches the listeners? Broadcast Australia operates a monitoring system which uses tuners and Barix IP audio encoders, allowing support staff to listen in remotely, all over Australia.

Technical transmitter monitoring cannot guarantee that a listener using an FM radio can hear the station with good quality reception. If listeners complain, the technical staff of Broadcast Australia can use a tuner within the reception area of that specific transmitter and "listen in", remotely. This is achieved by deploying Barix Instreamer devices - reliable IP audio encoders – with FM tuners attached, all over Australia and connecting them via a nationwide IP network.

Operators in control centers can simply use a common media player to listen to the stream encoded by the Instreamers. In addition to the operator listening in person, the Instreamer device can also automatically trigger an alarm if the signal quality fails to meet certain predefined criteria.

Obviously, confidence checking or "listening in" is not limited to radio stations – many other applications of this Barix solution have been installed or can be envisaged, covering everything from monitoring whales to surveillance applications.

IP-based Audio Monitoring Solution for FM Radio Transmitters – and More from Barix


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