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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Litepanels Hilio T12 LED Panels Offer Latest Advances

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 09:48:18 -0400

The new Hilio D12 (daylight balanced) and Hilio T12 (tungsten balanced) high light output panels from Litepanels will debut at NAB. The panels provide the the characteristics of an open source fixture while offering all of the benefits of Litepanels’ proprietary LED fixture design, according to the company.

The Hilio D12/T12 fixtures were designed by Litepanels to augment the lighting requirements of broadcast studios, as well as motion picture, episodic television, and commercial location shoots. The versatile panels emit a raw, narrow beam that provides high intensity for long throws. This intensity can also be harnessed and shaped with an array of available accessories to light an exterior, wash a set with soft light, or illuminate a cyc wall or green screen.

Eliminating the need for external dimmers, the fixtures feature Litepanels’ smooth dimming, from 100 percent to zero with no noticeable colour shift, and are flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle. The panels also offer an integrated DMX module, with readily available and affordable RJ45 Ethernet connections for remote dimming control via any standard DMX512 protocol device.

With no need for a heavy ballast or cabling, the incredibly energy efficient Hilio D12/T12 fixtures draw only 350 watts of electricity, comparable to a 2K Tungsten Par in terms of output. The consistently colour accurate, long life LEDs provide years of service without the need for traditional lamp replacement, and they emit no UV or infrared wavelengths.

Each panel contains a microprocessor operated, active cooling system, which increases manageability and lowers temperature control costs. The Hilio D12/T12 fixtures feature a removable, external power supply with convenient mounting bracket and optional accessories that include a stand mounted plate and an extension power cable.

The Hilio D12/T12 panels come complete with integrated slots to hold colour and diffusion gel filters and Litepanels’ new Nanoptic lenses. The Nanoptic lenses spread and shape the light in circular, horizontal or vertical patterns and essentially convert the powerful open source into a soft light or broad directional fill. The rear of the unit features an LCD display and a multi-functional control with a menu-based button interface. An SD card slot is also built-in to easily facilitate future software upgrades. The user-friendly fixtures include a Standard Yoke with Junior Pin to enable easy mounting and positioning.

“Our new Hilio 12 series is a great compliment to our Sola and Inca LED Fresnel lines,” comments Chris Marchitelli, Vice President of global marketing for Litepanels. “The Hilio D12 and T12 provide a big, broad wash of light, and they are an ideal lighting source for interiors and protected exteriors. In combination with our new Nanoptic lenses, these fixtures are a real breakthrough in lumen output and flexibility. This pair of panels sets a new standard and continues to move our LED solution forward for our customers.”

The complete optional accessories set for the Hilio D12/T12 includes the 5-piece CTB or CTO Gel Set with Gel Bag, the 4-piece Nanoptic lens set, an eight foot power supply extension cable, and a power supply stand/mounting bracket.

AJA Launches LUT-box for Precise Color and Look Management

Tue, 15 Apr 2014 09:21:13 -0400

AJA Video Systems (Booth SL2505) has released LUT-box, a new mini converter that allows monitors to display accurate color space and look for any SDI video signal.

3D LUTs can be easily loaded at up to 17x17x17 points via the integrated USB connection and free MiniConfig software on either Mac or Windows. Simultaneous outputs support both HDMI and SDI monitors from a single LUT-box.

“With the growth of high-dynamic-range capture and post workflows, knowing that your monitor is displaying the right color space is essential,” says Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. “LUT-box is affordable, small, really simple to use, and our early testers tell us it’s a ‘no-brainer’ addition to their kit to ensure that they’re working in the correct color space.”

Features include the following:
- Ensure proper image monitoring on-set or in the studio
- Two 3G-SDI inputs
- Simultaneous 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs
- 3D LUT support up to 17x17x17 point, 10/12-bit
- Supports standard .LUT, .TXT, .3DL, and .CUBE 3D LUT formats
- Configurable on USB via supplied AJA MiniConfig software for Mac and PC
- 2-bit image processing
- 16-channel embedded SDI and eight-channel HDMI audio
- 2-channel RCA analog audio output
- Five-year warranty

LUT-box will be available in May priced at $695, including a universal power supply and USB cable.

Thinklogical Launches System-Management Portfolio, Demos 4K Postproduction

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 09:52:06 -0400

The demonstrations highlight how the company’s fiber-optic-based video and KVM switching and extension solutions address many of the complex signal-management challenges facing today’s broadcast and video postproduction professionals. Signal-management products from Thinklogical are optimized for broadcast, mobile-production trucks, and postproduction applications where quality, performance, and security are paramount.

To help users easily manage and maintain Thinklogical deployments of any size, the System Management Portfolio encompasses four specialized software packages. Its remote-management and -maintenance capabilities make it easier for users to set up, configure, operate, and update a Thinklogical signal-extension and switching system.

A standard software package included with every Thinklogical MX and VX matrix switch, the Configurator features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), enabling faster router setup and helping simplify defining users, groups, stations, and macros.

The Premium Configurator offers synchronized system management for use with redundant routing systems, enabling automatic configuration synchronization. It also provides users with premium tie-line management for bidirectional tie lines, with no restrictions for video-path direction over tie lines. Included with the Premium Configurator is a drag-and-drop GUI, which allows users to easily model the physical system layout on-screen and quickly switch sources and destinations by simply moving the content-source icon to the desired destination. As room configurations evolve over time, users can easily add or remove icons representing sources and destinations from the layout as required, making it simple to adapt to changing requirements.

The Hot-Key Manager provides control access from workstations, granting any authorized receiver on the router the ability to make a switch. Users define a set of keystrokes to deliver routing control to the desktop, all managed through an easy-to-understand on-screen display. With a simple keystroke or movement of the mouse, multiple users in different locations can easily exchange a single source’s keyboard and mouse to more efficiently collaborate and share resources.

The System Management Interface introduces system diagnostics, remote-monitoring, and software-updating capabilities to Thinklogical system administration. The Interface monitors the connection and the system hardware and software, providing such details as product type, serial number, power-supply status, board temperature, optical-module status DDC mode, and software version. The included System Update software allows users to remotely update their KVM system hardware over a fiber connection up to 80 km (50 miles) away.

The new System Management Portfolio from Thinklogical improves overall system performance and value by reducing support effort, lowering total cost of ownership, enhancing productivity and maximizing system uptime.

Sennheiser Showcases Surround

Mon, 14 Apr 2014 10:07:45 -0400

Sennheiser has joined the 5.1 surround club. At NAB 2014, the company demonstrated its new Esfera (“sphere” or “area” in Spanish) 5.1-processing system.

It consists of two cardioid microphone capsules configured at 45-degree angles to each other and tethered to a DSP processor that converts the incoming analog signals to AES3 digital audio, then processes them to produce six channels of audio that can be arrayed in a surround field for broadcast. The processing is done in real time with virtually no latency.

The processor has four presets; these are user-configurable from a remote tablet via an Internet interface.

According to Kai Lange, product manager for professional wired microphones, the Esfera came about as a result of requests from broadcasters for a simple-to-use surround microphone processor that offers some flexibility in terms of configuration but was robust enough for use in outside-broadcast environments, particularly for sports.

“There is more demand for audio in 5.1, but some systems can be quite complicated,” he says. “Esfera’s microphone capsules are already set, and the processor gives the users a simple interface but one that also gives them some options, such as removing the center channel.”

Esfera will be available globally by mid May at an estimated cost of $9,000.

Vitec Videocom To Acquire Autocue

Fri, 11 Apr 2014 10:57:44 -0400

As part of an ongoing strategic program to deliver improved service, support, and experience, along with innovative products, to customers worldwide, Vitec Videocom, a division of the Vitec Group, has reached a conditional agreement to acquire Autocue.

Established in 1955, Autocue, a provider of teleprompting hardware and software, will complement Vitec Videocom’s portfolio of products for the broadcast, pro-videography, corporate, and public sectors. The acquisition will help to ensure that customers receive a broader range of technologies and solutions that address the entire spectrum of requirements for studio and outside-broadcast applications in terms of size and functionality.

Markertek Video of the Week:

Daily Tech Term Sponsored By Laird.

Transition Minimized Differential Signaling

(TMDS) Developed by Silicon Image as part of the Digital Display Working Group and can transmit heavy data through cable. It is used with the Digital Video Interface (DVI) and the High-definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). In an HDMI cable there are three separate TMDS channels, each are capable of transfer rates up to 3.4Gbps giving a total 10.2Gbps. Each channel carries data from one video component (Red, Green, Blue, for example) at up to 48-bit resolution along with control data and digital audio.

AJA Video FS1-X Universal SD/HD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer and Converter
The Next Evolution!
FS1-X is the next evolution in frame synchronization and conversion. Within its compact 1RU chassis, FS1-X integrates an amazing array of video and audio connectivity and processing, including 64-channel MADI audio over coax or fiber. With its flexible architecture, FS1-X utilizes a high-quality, motion adaptive linear Frame Rate Converter for smooth motion conversion between a wide range of frame rates whether for broadcast, production or live events.Incredible frame rate conversionMatching up and synchronizing disparate video and audio formats is a critical part of any broadcast, mobile or post-production en...

PortaBrace AR-HDP2B Audio Recorder Case - Black
HD-P2 Proctection!
The Audio Recorder case is custom fitted to the Tascam HD-P2 audio recorder. Tough Cordura nylon laminated to a closed cell foam pad provides protection to the recorder against the elements and has a front pouch for two small wireless receivers or transmitters, a small mixer/mix-pre, or a small hand held microphone. (If more room is required, the optional RM-Multi pouch or larger RM-DELUXE case may be added over the sewn in pouch.) A clear vinyl window covers controls or roll it up when not needed. The front panel zips open to about 30 degrees to access controls and prevents the pocket contents from spilling. A battery access panel makes e...

ARX B-DI Blue DI Bluetooth Direct Box
Pair Up!
The Professional audio interface for Bluetooth enabled SmartPhones, Computers and TabletsSmart Phones and Tablets have rapidly become the audio source of choice for Corporate A.V Presentations, Seminars, System Demonstrations and Testing, Musicians, D.Js and many other audio system users.Designed by the ARX Engineering team to fill the market niche for a wireless Active Direct Box interface, the new Blue DI connects all of today's (and tomorrow's) SmartPhones, Tablets and similar devices, to the Balanced Line Level Pro Audio world via Bluetooth.Simply place your Bluetooth enabled SmartPhone, PC or tablet near the Blue...

Atomos Ninja Star Pocket-size Apple ProRes Recorder & Deck
Star Power!
Melbourne, Australia - April 7th, 2014: Atomos, the creator of the award-winning Ninja and Samurai camera-mounted recorders, and the Connect converters, will launch the Ninja Star at NAB 2014, (7-10 April, Las Vegas Convention Center, booth number C9532). The Ninja Star is a must have for people who need to "Record Apple ProRes on Board" camera rigs, such as Drones, RC Helicopters, extreme sports and Reality TV."Our customers screamed for a tiny flash based ProRes recorder and player for extreme applications, their second location cameras or simply when they already had a monitor." said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. "At $...

Burst Electronics DV-4 Analog to SDI Converter 10-Bit
True 10-bit
The DV-4 is a true 10-bit Analog to SDI converter. Features include full proc amp control of the incoming analog video, allowing for corrections and adjustments. The DV-4 supports all popular analog formats in NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. The input section has anti-aliasing filters that allow clean conversion of satellite and ENG sources. Internal color bars and Pathological generators add to the functionality of the DV-4.Features:

  • Full 10-bit processing throughout
  • Supports ALL popular baseband analog video formats, including YPbPr (YUV), Betacam, RGB, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and YC
  • 2D 5-line Adaptive c...

ScopePrepared By The Markertek Engineering Department...

Keeping it Clean - Preventing Signal Degradation with DeoxIT

High-end audio and video equipment requires maximum protection on the connections. Over time, signal degradation occurs. DeoxIT D-Series contact cleaner improves signal quality, dynamic range and provides long-lasting protection on audio and video connections. If the part is used or in service, assume it’s oxidized.

1. Apply DeoxIT D-Series contact cleaner to metal contact/connector surface. When connectors contain surface particles (dust, dirt, etc.) along with oxidation, use DeoxIT spray with flushing solvent. When the surface is free from most surface particles, use DeoxIT without a flushing solvent (#DN5S-6N, #DN5MS-15).
2. Operate device to help displace contaminants from contact surface.
3. Repeat Step “1”.
4. If surface is heavily oxidized, leaving DeoxIT D-Series contact cleaner on overnight, is recommended.
5. The next day remove the contaminants lifted by DeoxIT with lint free swab, cloth on accessible surfaces or repeat Step 1 to displace contaminants from contact surface. Process may need to be repeated if surface is heavily oxidized. When surface is clean, no residue on the cloth,
finish with a couple short bursts of DeoxIT D-Series.
6. For extended protection: After surface is clean, apply DeoxIT Gold G-Series for indoor applications or DeoxIT Shield S-Series for outdoor applications.

CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT Spray


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