User Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions

Quickstart Guide

  • Step 1 - Create an Account
  • Step 2 - Create a Project
  • Step 3 - Create a Drawing
  • Step 4 - Create a Quote

Create an Account

It's easy to create an account and no payment or credit card is necessary! Just provide your name and email address and you will be ready to log in and start creating.

Create a Project

The next step after you create an account and log in, is to create a new Project. Assign new Projects a unique name and description to ease future identification. Your project may contain an unlimited number of drawings.

Create a Drawing

Drawings must be assigned unique names. Drawings are auto-saved so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Create a Quote

Once you have finished creating your panels, click the projects links to generate a quote. Select the panel(s) & quantities you wish to have quoted by our fabrications, complete the form and click Create a Quote. *Be sure to provide your phone number and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Once we receive your email, a custom metal specialist will contact you with competitive pricing & quantity discounts, and to request payment information or other necessary details to process your order.

Helpful Tips

  • Projects are Auto-saved so you will never lose your work.
  • Once a Drawing has been created, you can request a quote from the Project it belongs to.
  • The Project-Level's "Open" menu has multiple selections, including Open, Create Quote, Rename & Delete.
  • The Drawing-Level's "Open" menu has multiple selections, including Open, Rename & Delete.
  • When adding multiple connectors, they appear "stacked" and must be moved to show the connector(s) underneath.
  • For best results, use links to navigate within the software instead of your browser's forward and back buttons.
  • Some configurations may need to be modified by our Custom Metal team before manufacturing depending on your panel choice, layout and engraving text. In some cases, connectors must be rotated 90 degrees to allow room for engraving text above or below.
  • Apple Magic Mouse or similar input devices may have unexpected behaviour when moving connectors depending on custom scroll settings.


Custom is Our Specialty!

We are also happy to work with you from your hand drawn panel design sketches or written descriptions.
Contact us today at [email protected] or FAX:825-246-1757