Custom RSH

Give your studio or workplace the professional look it deserves!

Use the RSH to rackmount iPads, DVD players, VCR's, LCD's, Stereo Components, Networking Gear and more! Measure up all of those extra components you have taking up space, and end the clutter.

Markertek Custom RSH Shelves

Let Markertek Build All of Your Custom RSH Shelves!

  • Let Us Quote You:
  • Rackmounting your components not only saves space, but it allows for proper airflow to keep things running cool.
  • With our innovative RSH custom rackmounts, you can install virtually any component in a standard 19" enclosure without making any modifications.
  • Custom cut to provide a perfect opening for the face of the component you are mounting, each RSH unit provides a neatly-trimmed installation with a perfect fit and no gaps.
  • It's as simple as providing the dimensions of the gear you wish to rackmount, and we do the rest!
  • All RSH Units available in a black textured, black brushed, or silver brushed and anodized finish.

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