Video Equipment Through the Ages

The 20th Century saw videography grow from an experimental art form for the privileged into the multi-billion dollar behemoth that it is today. It saw innovations that made previous innovations seem insignificant upon their arrival, only to become outdated by further improvements shortly thereafter.

For every invention came subsequent improvements, and eventually, the original invention only seems obsolete because the improvements that have been made are so effective at what they do. It’s easy to overlook the many painstaking hours that went into the process of innovating the video equipment industry, but that doesn’t and shouldn’t undermine the groundbreaking tools that were created as a result.

In this infographic, we highlight a group of tools and equipment that changed the way people saw the world. Over a century later, it is quite clear that the foundation laid by inventors named Edison, Lumière, Kodak, and Gates is still the bedrock for innovation in one of the world’s largest industries.

Video Equipment Through the Ages Infographic

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