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110 Ohm XLR to 75 Ohm BNC Inline AES-EBU Transformers

  • 110 Ohm XLR to 75 Ohm AES-EBU in-line transformers
  • BNC to 3-Pin XLR Receptacle (male & female versions)
  • Provides an excellent impedance transformer at a reasonable cost for meeting the needs between analog to digital conversion
  • Also allows for longer cable runs via unbalanced coaxial lines rather than twisted pair cables that have high attenuation at relevant frequencies
  • Max Voltage / Max Run:= 5VPP / 250MW
  • 0.1 MHZ TO 6 MHZ
  • Insertion Loss < 0.3DB @ 0.1 MHZ TO 10 MHZ
  • VSWR / Return Loss = < 1.1 / > 24.6 DB
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