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Anchor Portacom 2-Channel Intercom Four Person Systems

This PortaCom Wired Intercom Package (COM-40FC) is for 4 users, without cables, and comes with the world's easiest and most durable wired intercom that is flexible, and high-performance. It includes the power console, four belt packs, and four lightweight headsets -- your choice of dual or single muff. It gives you two channels without sacrificing power or quality, and it's expandable, portable, or rack mountable. The package comes in a sturdy cardboard carrying case, and does NOT include cables. It is AC operable, and up to 20 headsets can be used with the system. It is ideal for the theater, local cable studio, church setting, or high school football coach.

  • Two Channel - Wired Full Duplex System
  • High Performance / Low Cost
  • AC Operable
  • Portable or Rackmountable
  • (One U Rack Space)
  • Durable Lightweight Metal Packs
  • Up to Twenty Headset Capacity
  • Standard Double Shielded Microphone Cables
  • Can Use Standard 3-Pin XLR Microphone Cables
  • Easy to Setup and Operate
  • Comfortable & Lightweight Noise Cancelling Headsets
  • Optional Single, Dual or Mixed Headsets
Item Includes:
  • Four Headsets - Choice of H-2000 Dual Muff Headsets or H-2000S Single Muff Headsets
  • Four BP-2000 Belt Packs
  • PC-2000 Power Console
  • Sturdy Cardboard Carrying Case
  • Choice of Four EX-50M 50 ft. Cables Included or Cables Not Included
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