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Popless Voice Screen VAC-PR40 Adjustable Pop Filter for Heil PR40 and PR30

Upgrade your ON-AIR and studio vocals with the Popless Voice Screens VAC-PR40 pop filter. The VAC-PR40 is designed for the HEIL PR40 and PR30 microphones and clamps onto the HEIL SM2 shock mount. Manufacturing pop filters for the recording and broadcast industry since 1988, all Popless Voice Screens pop filters features Variable Acoustic Compression™. VAC™ provides adjustable control of pop and sibilance filtering to fit the individual's voice.

The VAC-PR40 is the perfect compliment for HEIL's new dynamic front address microphones, the PR40 and PR30. A mini-gooseneck adjusting system places the VAC-PR40's 3.5-inch diameter acoustic screens in front of the microphone and tracks microphone movement. Attaching the VAC-PR40 to the HEIL SM2 shock mount keeps the microphone isolated from unwanted vibrations. Ideal for reading copy, the VAC-PR40's low-profile acoustic screens are a great choice for radio stations looking to upgrade the sound quality of their on-air announcers to HD.

Professionals agree that one of the important tools for recording great sounding vocals is a high quality pop filter. The pop filter must preserve the sonic quality of the voice while drastically reducing the distortion-causing pops and sibilance that can ruin a vocal. A well-designed pop filter should also protect the microphone from moisture caused by spit.

When it comes to choosing a pop filter, foam pop filters reduce both mid and high frequencies leaving vocals sounding dull. Manufacturers of 'embroidery hoop' and metal screen pop filters each provide one acoustic setting intended to work for everyone. This 'one-size fits all' pop filter design proves limited.

Variable Acoustic Compression™ was designed around the idea that each person's voice is unique, containing various levels of popping and sibilance. With VAC™, the user adjusts the acoustic screens for the desired amount of pop and sibilance filtering needed, no more dull sounding vocals due to over filtering.

Each VAC™ pop filter comes with two washable 3.5-inch diameter acoustic screens and an adjustable screen holder. For minimum filtering just one acoustic screen is used. Adding the second screen close to the first screen provides medium filtering with maximum filtering obtained when the distance between acoustic screens is furthest apart in the screen holder. Adjustable control of pop and sibilance filtering helps maximize the sound quality of the vocal before it reaches the microphone!

Proven worldwide, VAC™ is used by broadcasters like ABC, NBC, FOX, Sirius Satellite Radio along with hundreds of other radio stations. Recording studio users include Paisley Park, Sony Music and Electric Lady. Individual VAC™ users include James Taylor, Madonna and Grammy award winning engineer Ed Cherney.

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