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Blonder Tongue Laboratories

Blonder Tongue AM-60-860 54-806 MHz Agile Audio/Video Modulator

The AM-60-860 is a professional quality agile audio/video modulator. It is equipped with the Emergency Alert System (EAS) feature, which can also be used as an alternate IF input. The unit provides an audio and video modulated RF carrier on any channel from 54 to 860 MHz. Any standard audio/video source can be used, such as satellite receivers, television cameras, video tape recorders, or television demodulators.

Channel tuning is easily accomplished with the use of front panel push button switches. Frequency plans including CATV Standard EIA, IRC, HRC & Broadcast are available in the 54-860 MHz frequency range. All channel frequency information with appropriate FCC offsets is pre-programmed and tuned electronically via microprocessor.

The unit has a wide range of standard and optional features that make it ideal for advanced CATV systems. 4.5 MHz aural input, and 600 Ohm balanced audio have been incorporated as standard equipment on the AM-60-860. A stereo audio option, Option 05, allows the integration of a BTSC stereo encoder module. This optional stereo encoder converts stereo left and right audio into a composite BTSC stereo audio signal. The factory installed option provides 20 dB of stereo separation, less than 1.0% total harmonic distortion and 60 dB signal to noise ratio.

The AM-60-860 meets FCC Docket 21006 aeronautical frequency offset requirements (ñ5 kHz video carrier accuracy). Outstanding in channel carrier to noise performance of 67 dB typical is achieved by the unit. A custom SAW IF filter is employed to provide true vestigial sideband selectivity with built-in FCC group delay equalization. A state of the art converter design with preprogrammed microprocessor controlled channel tuning @ 60 dBmV output ensures the Blonder Tongue AM-60-860 is the ideal agile modulator for any demanding CATV headend need.

  • Supports All Broadcast and CATV Channels, Including All HRC and IRC Assignments
  • EAS/ALT IF Ready Via Manual or Automatic Mode
  • Superior Broadband Noise Performance (-76 dB)
  • Fully Compatible With BTSC Encoded Stereo Audio
  • All Level Controls are Conveniently Located on Front Panel For Easy Set Up and Adjustment
  • Rack Mountable - 1 EIA (1.75") Rack Space
  • Balanced Audio Input Standard
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