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PortaBrace Inc

Porta Brace Shoulder Pack Slingers

The SLINGER is for on-the-run action for carrying all kinds of personal accessories. Used by videographers, audiographers, and film makers. It is an over-the-shoulder, bandolier type sling kit. It is form fitting, comfortable to wear and easy to fling on for a quick get-away. A waist cinch strap is provided for extra stability or can be stored in a pocket. It has a padded, non-skid shoulder camera support pad. A large selection of pockets will carry: cell phones, two way radios, beepers, tools, batteries, tapes, cable, note pads, maglites, keys, wallet, watch, rain gear, gloves, hand held mics and more... and it has an ID window. Available in blue or black (BL version).
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