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Leader PHSXOS Scripting Option for Phabrix SX

Leader PHSXOS Scripting Option for Phabrix SX
This option allows a series of pre-defined actions to be run within the PHABRIX Sx range using a script stored in internal memory and a report created if selected.

Applications include repeated test sequences as required by manufacturer Test Departments, R&D Departments, Systems Integrators and Commissioning/Support Engineers and those requiring support documentation using the report feature.

In use it can automatically step through a sequence of instrument states, controlling the generator, analyser and the logging functions. Additionally a `screen dump' can be created. If required the instrument will prompt the user before going onto a subsequent state. By activating `Make report' the Sx will create a web page which the user can later print off by connecting via FTP or web browser from a PC. The report configured by the command script can include screen images if described in the script action.

The reports feature is a powerful function linking user defined actions to a range of instrument parameters which can be saved and later printed from the web page created. Examples of the commands available are as follows:

  • Recall memory: Loads the memory specified in the memory field
  • Check in/out errors: Check for EDH/CRC errors in the step time. Errors will be sent to the log file
  • Check active picture CRC: Checks CRC value stays constant
  • Check AES I/P: Checks AES I/P for errors
  • Dump status: Saves user specified settings to report/xml file
  • Prompt user: Requires action from the operator to continue
  • Enable/Disable event: Activates or disables the log file
  • Clear error counts: Clears all EDH/CRC errors
  • Pause: Defines a wait time
  • Loop: Allows the script to run until stopped.
  • Dump screen: Records the instrument display image file to disk
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