Focal SUB 6BE 11-Inch Subwoofer


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    SUB 6BE - Overview

    The Focal Sub6 (FOPRO-SUB6) is an active subwoofer (1 x 350W RMS built-in amplifier - BASH technology) for professional monitoring systems. The driver is an 11" Focal with a "W" sandwich composite cone loaded by a large section laminar port. It can be used both as LFE channel in a surround system or as a bass or sub-bass complement in a stereo system (2.1 or 2.2). The Sub6 was designed to permit optimum acoustic coupling with professional monitoring speakers. Therefore, it includes all the features to achieve this task, such as stereo high pass filter (75 or 100Hz) for the left and right satellites, low pass filter (adjustable) with mono summation, phase inverter, phase fine tuning, mute switch, 2.1 bypass with a footswitch remote control (not included), as well as a wiring panel rich in possibilities.

    The "W" Cone
    Focal has been developing the technologies of composite sandwich cones for more than 15 years. The "W" process (Glass/Foam/Glass), used on the SM11, SM8 and SM6 lines, provides a true optimiza a true optimization of the frequency response by fine tuning of mass, rigidity and damping parameters. The balance between these 3 fundamental and often contradictory parameters is at the base of the outstanding sound neutrality of our speakers.

    The 10.62" (27cm) Focal speaker is equipped with a high excursion system to enable accurate and extended reproduction in the bass/infra bass register. The 25/8" (66mm) diameter and 11/4" (32mm) height voice coil ensures a perfect mechanical coupling and a total control of the driver even at high sound level. The magnetic construction made of double ferrite and large field and back plates offers high symmetrical magnetic field to keep dynamics even at very low frequency.

    A Custom Designed Amplification Stage
    Designing an amp to be integrated inside a speaker requires a very different set of rules than for a traditional amp. Speaker size and cooling concerns are often in contradiction with the high quality and high power requirements of a sonically transparent speaker. Our engineers used the BASHr technology to develop the bass/medium amplification circuit for the SM6 professional line of speakers.

    This was the only way to exploit the best of class AB style circuits (for exceptional quality) with a class D type yield, which is crucial when housing a 150W RMS circuit in such a small space (300W RMS for the Twin6 Be and 350W RMS for the Sub6).

    • Specifications:

      • Performance
      • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 250Hz
      • Maximum SPL: 116dB SPL (peak @ 1m)

        Electronic Section
      • Inputs: Right, left, LFE
        Type / Impedance: Electronically balanced / 10 kOhms
        Connector: XLR 3 points socket
        Sensitivity: Adjustable
      • Outputs (Towards Satellites): Right, Left
        Type/Impedance: Electronically balanced / 50 Ohms
        Connector: XLR 3 points plug
      • Amplification: 350W rms, BASH® technology
      • Signal Internal Treatment and Functions:
      • Subwoofer Section:
        Mono right/left summation
        LFE + mono low-pass
        24dB / octave
        Phase adjustment
        Polarity selection switch
        Switch high-pass filter, cut-off frequency selection
      • Satellite Section:
        24dB / octave
      • Control:
        Adjustable subwoofer level
        Low-pass cut-off frequency setting
        Phase adjustment
        Polarity adjustment
        Subwoofer switch (mute)
        2.1 "Bypass" (external remote control)
        High-pass frequency selection
        Releasable high-pass
      • Visualization (LED):
        Power On
        Subwoofer switch(mute)
        Released high-pass
      • Power:
        Local Supply: 230V (1.6A fuse) or 115V (3.15A fuse)
        Connection: Removable CEI supply wire

      • Subwoofer 11W7670, 105/8" (27cm) Focal "W" composite sandwich cone driver

      • Construction: 71/2" (19mm) MDF panels
      • Finish: Dark red natural veneering side panels, black body
      • Dimensions (HxLxD): 14.94 x 13.56 x 17.31" (380mm x 344mm x 440mm)
      • Weight: 50.7lb (23kg)
    • GTIN:


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