Panavise 13150 Action Grip 3-N-1 Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit

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    13150 - Overview

    Capture unique angles & shots.

    As the name implies, the ActionGRIP 3-N-1 Action Camera Mount Kit allows you to assemble one out of three different Action Camera Mounts, quickly and easily so you can position your camera exactly where you want it to get that perfect camera angle and capture the action from a unique angle during your shoot. With your imagination and this versatile kit, you can capture or shoot from just about any angle or position you can dream up.

    Build an ActionGrip Shorty for shots requiring an extreme low profile camera angle close to the mounting sur face. Ideal for vehicle roofs, hoods, trunk lids. Camera can be tilted forward and backwards and rotated side to side.

    Build an ActionGrip Single Knuckle when you want the camera closer to the surface but need a higher range of adjustment than the ActionGrip Shorty provides. You can tilt, turn, and rotate your camera to get your camera back to parallel even if the suction cup is mounted at an angle to the camera plane.

    Build an ActionGrip Double Knuckle when you want the camera higher or further away from the suction cup, to peer over, around or under an obstruction in front of your camera or for use inside of a vehicle when attached to a sloping windshield. The ActionGrip Double Knuckle provides tilt, turn, and rotate in two different locations for optimum positioning of your camera.

    (Camera is not included)

    • Features:

      • Features custom engineered composite material designed for light weight & maximum holding power
      • Suction cup made of a high-grade premium material. Stays mounted in heat & cold
      • Designed & manufactured by PanaVise Products, Inc.
      • Industry leader for Suction Cup Action Camera Mounts
      • The choice of the top action camera manufacturers: GoPro, Sony, Contour, Drift & more.
      • Included: 1/4-20 camera adapter & adapter that works with GoPro's Hero cameras
      • Build the mount you need to get the shot you want.
      • The ultimate suction cup mount kit for action cameras
      • Multi-piece kit allows you to build three different ActionGrip mounts:
      • Shorty configuration for low profile mounting. Get the camera as close to the surface as possible.
      • Single Knuckle configuration for a full range of motion. Position the camera where you need it.
      • Double Knuckle configuration for maximum adjustability. Gets unique angles and shots.
      • Designed with aluminium components and custom engineered composites for light weight & maximum holding power
      • Suction cup made of a high-grade premium material. Stays mounted in hot & cold
      • PanaVise is the industry leader for Suction Cup Action Camera Mounts
      • GoPro 3-axis adapter features PanaVise ball for Tilt, Turn and Rotate. No more linking together various pieces to point the camera where you needed. Infinite adjustability!
      • Standard 1/4-20 ball works with all cameras with standard threaded tripod insert.
    • Item Includes:

      • Standard 1/4-20 Ball & GoPro Ball
    • GTIN:


    13150 - Required Accessories

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