Shure SCM810 Eight Channel Microphone Mixer / AutoMixer

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    SCM810 - Overview

    The Shure Model SCM810 is an automatic microphone mixer using Shure's patented IntelliMix operational concept. Intellimix activates only those microphones being addressed, minimizing the poor audio caused by multiple open microphones. The SCM810 is an eight-channel mixer capable of being linked for installations as large as 400 input channels. The single-rack-height chassis is ideal for installations with limited rack space. The removable header-type input and output connectors are quick, convenient, and eliminate the time and expense of wiring XLR microphone connectors.

    The Shure SCM810 8-Channel Mic Mixer has a feature set and sonic quality suitable for any sound reinforcement scenario. The SCM810 features 8 Mic/Line level inputs via removable Block Connectors. All inputs are balanced and provide phantom power for condenser microphones. There are 8 direct outputs (1 per input channel) for direct routing of incoming signal to recorders monitors etc. Low-cut filter and High-shelving EQ switches are provided on all input channels. In addition to the mixers sonic quality, the SCM810's automatic features offer complete, hands free operation between multiple microphones.

    It has 7 position-programmable switches to provide further modifications to internal features; the limiter threshold, off-attenuation level, and hold time can be adjusted, and the mixer can be switched between manual and automatic modes.

    The SCM810's Noise Adaptive threshold distinguishes between constant background noise and audio signal fluctuating in pitch, level and consistency (speech). The threshold continuously adjust so that speech levels louder than background noise activate that channel. The Max Bus feature controls the number of channels that activate when triggered by a signal. The Max Bus feature can be set so that one talker activates one channel, even if multiple microphones "hear" that talker. This results in a constant switching between talkers on a panel or discussion. Last Mic Lock-On feature keeps the most recently used mic active so that ambient room signal remains when mics are not in use. The result is a natural uninterrupted signal flow.

    • Features:

      • Reliable, quick-acting, noise-free microphone selection which automatically adjusts to changes in background room noise.
      • User-configurable parameters for automatic operation.
      • Automatic gain adjustment as additional microphones are activated (NOMA: Number of Open Microphones Attenuator).
      • Last Mic Lock-On circuit maintains ambient sound.
      • Adjustable EQ per channel: low-frequency rolloff and high frequency shelving.
      • 48 V phantom power selectable for each input.
      • Active balanced microphone- and line-level inputs and line level output.
      • Highly RF-resistant chassis and circuitry.
      • Bi-color LED indication of channel activation and clipping.
      • Linking capability for systems up to 400 microphones.
      • Non-automatic aux-level inputs with level control.
      • Front-panel headphones output with level control.
      • Peak-responding output limiter with selectable thresh olds and LED indicator.
    • Specifications:

      • Inputs 8 - Removable Block Connectors, balanced microphone or line level input
      • Output 8 - Direct Outputs (ch 1-8) 1/4" Phone jacks
      • Monitor/Headphone Out 1 - 1/4" TRS Phone jack (Headphone)
      • ALT I/O 1 - AUX line input 1/4" Phone (front panel)
      • 1 - Microphone Logic connection DB25 male connector
      • Link Input/Output 2 - Link In / Link Out 1/4" Phone jacks
      • Impedance Input
      • MIC: Designed for use with 19-600 ohm load, 1.6k ohms actual, -15dBv clipping level
      • LINE: Designed for use with - / < 2k ohm load, 10k ohms actual, +22dBV clipping level
      • AUX: Designed for use with - / < 2k ohm load, 10k ohms actual, +22dBV clipping level
      • SEND/RETURN: Designed for use with - / < 2k ohm load, 10k ohms, +18dBV
      • Output
      • LINE: Designed for use with >600 ohm load, 60 ohms actual, +18dBV clipping level
      • HEADPHONES: Designed for use with 8-200 ohms, 60 ohm recommended, 300 ohms actual, +12dBV clipping level
      • DIRECT OUT: Designed for use with > 2k ohm load, 1k ohms actual, +18dBV clipping level
      • SEND/RETURN: Designed for use with > 2k ohm load, 1k ohms actual, +18dBV clipping level
      • Gain Low-impedance mic (150 ohms)Input: Line 80dB, Headphones 88dB, Direct Out 34dB - Outputs
      • Line Input: Line 40dB, Headphones 48dB, Direct Out -6dB - Outputs
      • Aux Input: Line 44dB, Headphones 52dB, - Outputs
      • Send/Return Input: Line 20dB, Headphones 28dB - Outputs
      • Hum & Noise Equivalent Input Noise: -125dBV (150 ohm source; through 400Hz - 20kHz filter)
      • Equivalent Input Hum and Noise: -123 dBV (150 ohm source; through 20Hz - 20kHz filter)
      • Output Hum and Noise: Master full counterclockwise -90dBV, Master full clockwise -70dBV (through 20Hz to 20kHz filter; channel controls full clockwise)
      • Frequency Response 50Hz to 20kHz +/- 2dB; -3dB corner at 25 Hz (Ref 1 kHz, channel controls centered)
      • Distortion <0.1% at +18 dBV output level, 50Hz to 20kHz
      • Metering 4 segment LED's
      • Controls Sealed Rotary Pots: Microphone channels 1-8, AUX input, Headphone and Master gain controls
      • Recessed Rotary Controls: Low Cut Filter and High- Frequency Shelving channels 1-8
      • Phantom Power Switches located in rear
      • Control Voltage Out No
      • Phantom Power 46 Vdc open-circuit through 6.8k ohms series resistance per DIN 45 596
      • Operating Temperature Operating: 0 to 60 degrees C (32 to 140 degrees F)
      • Storage: -30 to 70 degrees C (-20 to 165 degrees F)
      • Power SCM810: 120 Vac rated nominal, 50/60Hz, 200mA
      • SCM810E: 230 Vac rated nominal, 50/60Hz, 100mA
      • Dimensions 1.75 x 19.13 x 12.4 (44.5 x 483 x 317mm) (H x W x D)
      • Weight 9.57 lbs (4.3kg)
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