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Kramer VM-50AN 1:5 Balanced & Unbalanced Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier

The Kramer VM-50AN is a high performance distribution amplifier for balanced and unbalanced stereo audio signals. It takes one balanced or unbalanced stereo input and distributes the signal simultaneously to 10 stereo outputs (5 balanced and 5 unbalanced).

  • Balanced/Unbalanced Input Selection.
  • S/N Ratio - 84dB (unweighted).
  • Level (Gain) Controls.
  • Desktop Size - Compact size. Two units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-50RN adapter.

  • Production and duplication facilities
  • Schools, boardrooms, any A/V system requiring high quality signal distribution
  • Retail stores, point-of-sale systems, CCTV and security application

    INPUT: 1 balanced stereo +12dBm 50kohm on detachable terminal block connector. 1 unbalanced stereo on mini 3.5 mm socket.
    OUTPUTS: 5 balanced stereo +22dBm 50? on detachable terminal block connectors. 5 unbalanced stereo +22dBm 470ohm on mini 3.5 mm socket.
    BANDWIDTH (-3dB): 100kHz; 40kHz; Fully Loaded.
    S/N RATIO: 83.95dB, unweighted.
    CONTROLS: Level (for right and left): 0.4 to 9.5dB.
    COUPLING: Input: AC; Output: DC.
    AUDIO THD + NOISE: 0.022% @ 1 kHz, Balanced Output.
    AUDIO 2nd HARMONIC: 0.022% @ 1 kHz, Balanced Output.
    POWER SOURCE: 12VDC 200mA.
    DIMENSIONS: 16.5cm x 12cm x 4.5cm (6.5" x 4.7" x 1.7", W, D, H).
    WEIGHT: 0.6kg (1.3lbs.) approx.
    ACCESSORIES: 12 VDC power supply.
    OPTIONS: 19" rack adapter RK-50RN kit (holds 2 units in a vertial space of a standard 19" rack).

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