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Mogami Wire & Cable Corp.

Mogami W2319 High Impedance Transmission Guitar Cable

Most musical instrument sound pick-ups, for example those in electric guitars, are comprised of high impedance circuits driven mainly by voltage, with very little electrical current flow. That is why handling noise (microphonics) can be a problem for guitar cables. Microphonic noise is caused by the minute voltage generated when a cable is flexed, stepped on, etc. Guitar cables must be designed to prevent this, so a conductive PVC layer is placed under the shield conductor to drain away this voltage. Note: This conductive layer must be stripped back when wiring, or a partial short will result.

  • Conductor:
  • Details 12/0.18TA
  • Size(mm²) 0.305mm² (#23AWG)
  • Insulation: Ov. Dia. (0.063")
  • Sub-Shield: Ov. Dia.(0.071")
  • Material Conductive PVC (Carbon PVC)
  • Color Black
  • Main-Shield Served-Shield Approx. 38/0.16TA
  • Jacket: Ov. Dia.(0.197")
  • Material PVC
  • Color Black
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