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West Penn Wire Corp

West Penn 25224B 18/2 Plenum Speaker Cable 1000 Feet Black

  • ASTM bare copper
  • Polymer alloy insulation
  • Twisted pair unshielded
  • Two conductors twisted to form a pair
  • Flexible plenum jacket
  • Standard spool size 1000 feet
  • UL or C(UL)+ listed NEC type CMP
  • Constructed in accordance with UL Standard 444
  • Complies with UL-910 Test Modified ASTM Steiner Tunnel Test
  • Indoor within ducts, plenums and other spaces used for environmental air for:
    Intercom Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Sound and Audio
  • Background Music
  • Applications as defined in Article 800 Communications Circuits

    Color Code:
  • Conductors: Black, Red
  • Jacket Color: Available in Black, Gray, Green or Orange
  • Special Notes:+C(UL) CMP Canadian UL accepted mark
  • replaces PCC-FT6
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