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        Zacuto is your local (one-stop-shop) for customized camera packages shipped anywhere in the world. We carry the latest technology in high definition (HD) cameras where our trademark camera packages are designed by Zacuto staff (former DP's) who have over 45 years of combined film/video experience. Our specialty is our unique all inclusive 24p camera packages for sale and rental.

        Our camera packages are specifically designed so that independent filmmakers have the necessary accessories needed to properly shoot a film with a limited crew. All Zacuto camera packages are designed for perfect balance when shooting handheld as well as on a tripod. Since many of our camera packages are fully assembled in our case design, setup should take less then a minute. The same goes for moving from tripod to handheld, in about a minute. Our cases are designed to hold a lot of gear, usually fully assembled, in a compact space, and be the correct weight and size to be shipped or taken as baggage on any airline.

        Zacuto USA, our brand, is entirely designed and manufactured by Zacuto and made in the USA. Designers Jens Bogehegn (DP), Steve Weiss (Director) along with our engineer Bob Zajeski design all of the products with input from their staff and customers. Zacuto brand products have a lifetime warranty and are built to standards higher then German engineering quality. Every aspect of the design and production is checked to see if it meets our extremely high tolerances.

        Markertek is an authorized dealer for the entire ZACUTO line. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we'll do our best to get it for you.