AirNetix ARX-900 AiRocks Pro 900MHz Multi-Hop Digital Wireless Audio Repeater / Distributor

Item #: AIRN-ARX-900 MFG #: AIRN-ARX-900

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AirNetix ARX-900 AiRocks Pro 900MHz Multi-Hop Digital Wireless Audio Repeater / Distributor
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AiRocks Pro is a revolutionary "multi-hop" digital wireless audio system designed to provide a significantly extended coverage area and ultra-reliable audio distribution for pro-audio sound reinforcement applications. AirRocks reliably distributes full-bandwidth audio to remote powered loudspeakers and amplifier racks. It operates in the licensefree 900 MHz band that penetrates walls, trees, people and other obstructions that can limit higher frequency devices that work at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. As a result, it's well-suited for delay stack applications at concerts, festivals, golf tournaments, parades, air shows, auto races, and other events requiring full-bandwidth, pro-quality audio signal distribution over a large area.

An AiRocks Pro system also provides 158 mW of effective transmitting power for a range of more than 1,000 feet, as well as built-in variable delay (up to 500 ms), XLR linelevel audio input and output, and network control. The system provides 2-channel stereo operation as well as single-channel mono mode, and the hardware is housed in weather-resistant aluminum enclosures designed for outdoor use. Every AiRocks Pro unit can be configured as either the main transmitter (Master) or receiver (Relay).There is nothing else like it on the market.

AiRocks Pro is a network system approach consisting of a single master unit and one or more relay units, each able to be configured to operate either as the master or a relay. Within an AiRocks Pro network, each unit receives an audio transmission from a single "upstream" unit and then re-transmits that same signal to one or more "downstream" units. Each unit creates its own point-to-multipoint sub-network. The input to each subnetwork is the signal received by the single uplink AiRocks Pro unit.

A network is a group of one or more sub networks, all of which emanate from a single network master. Networks can be as simple as one master unit and one relay unit in a point-to-point configuration or as complex as 100 units with multiple branches and sub-networks. If there's a failure of one of the upstream units, the downstream units automatically scan for other AiRocks Pro transmission within range. If an acceptable signal is found, it then becomes the input signal for that sub-network or any newly created sub-networks. This automatic switchover is accomplished without the need for manual intervention.

Every AiRocks Pro can be software configured to operate either as the network Master or as a Relay node via the front panel controls or by using the Network Management Software (included with BOB). The ARX-900 includes XLR balanced inputs and outputs, AC power connection, and an RJ45 Ethernet connection (not included) to the Breakout Box, which allows audio and power to be injected into the radio from up to 100 feet away from where the radio is mounted.

Rock solid pro-audio for any venue, indoors or outdoors. The AiRocks Pro comes in a sturdy, weather-resistant aluminum enclosure that is built to withstand the harsh life on the road. Gone are the days of panic when a rain shower arrives during an event and your wireless equipment is exposed to the elements. The AiRocks Pro is designed withstand heavy rain, baking sun, and frigid cold while continuing to provide excellent quality audio and rock-solid coverage.


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