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    DB-RLC10 - Overview

    The D SERIES-RLC10 is a rotary remote level control that provides user adjustment at single or multiple locations. Optical encoder technology allows continuous knob rotation with a comfortable adjustment rate and long-term trouble-free and noise-free operation. These controls directly connect to any RDL VCA and OEM equipment with 0 to 10 Vdc ramp inputs.

    A single -RLC10 may be connected to a ramp-controlled VCA using a single-pair shielded audio cable or unshielded cable. A rear-panel switch configures the control as the MASTER. The MASTER mode causes this control to drive the 0 to 10 Vdc ramp output and to monitor its pulse terminals in case any other -RLC10 controls are connected.

    As many as nine additional -RLC10 controls may be wired in parallel with the MASTER control using UTP cable (CAT5, CAT6 or equivalent). The rear-panel MODE switch on each additional remote control is set to SLAVE mode.

    Operation is the same for a single control, or for each control connected in a multiple control point installation. The 0 to 10 Vdc ramp voltage is incremented up or down when the front-panel knob is rotated. Acceleration is provided so the rate of change is faster when the knob is rotated more rapidly, yielding a responsive feel and rapid elimination of acoustic feedback. The LED ring display encircling the control knob operates as a virtual pointer. When an -RLC10 is not being adjusted, its display switches to a dim intensity to avoid being a visual distraction. The display returns to a bright intensity during adjustment.

    In the event of power loss, internal non-volatile memory stores the last level value. When power is restored, the 0 to 10 V output will return to the operating level present when power was lost.

    Multiple -RLC10 controls set to the SLAVE MODE may be connected to an RDL RU-VCA2A or RU-VCA6A, utilizing the VCA as the ramp generator. This connection is also possible with OEM equipment accepting open-collector pulses that are compatible with the -RLC10 output pulse rate and width.

    The -RLC10 controls are constructed on a steel frame. The electronics are fully protected within the rear enclosure. Connections are made through a rear panel detachable terminal block.

    All the D SERIES-RLC10 features combine to make it the ideal choice for single point or multiple location remote level control in high quality systems. Use them with any RDL VCA module, or side-by-side with other RDL remote accessories as part of a complete audio/video system

    • Features:

      • Rotary Optical Encoder Remote Level Control
      • Single or Multiple Control Locations
      • Up To Ten Remote Control Locations
      • Integral 0 to 10 VDC Ramp Generator
      • Visual Level Display of Operating Level
      • Display is Bright During Adjustment
      • Display Dims After Adjustment
      • Powers Up to Last Level Used
      • Compatible with All RDL VCA Modules
      • Available in Stainless Steel, Black and White
    • Specifications:

      • Ramp: 0 to 10 Vdc (Slave mode input; Master mode output)
      • Pulse outputs (2): Open-Collector @ 20 mA (UP, DOWN)
      • Pulse duration: 500 uS (min.) to 4 mS (max.)
      • Pulse interval: 500 uS (min., between consecutive pulses)
      • Rotations, approximate min-to-max:
      • 5 (slow rotation, no acceleration)
      • 3 (medium rotation, with acceleration)
      • 1 (fast rotation counterclockwise)
      • Level Control: Optical rotary encoder
      • Power Requirement: 24 Vdc @ 50 mA, Ground-referenced
      • Mounting: Mounts in standard US electrical box, RDL WB- or SMB- series boxes; cover plate available separately
      • Dimensions: Height: 4.11 in. 10.44 cm; Width: 1.31 in. 3.33 cm; Depth: 0.98 in. 2.49 cm (w/o knob); Depth: 0.545 in. 3.93 cm (overall)
      • Package Type: Cardboard Box
      • Package Dimensions: 3.625 x 4.625 x 2.125 in.
      • Shipping Weight: 0.200 lbs.
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    DB-RLC10 - Required Accessories

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