Sonifex DHY-04S Single Automatic Digital Telephone Hybrid (TBU) w/ Ethernet - AES/EBU & Analog I/O - Rack Mounted


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    DHY-04S - Overview

    The Best Telephone Hybrid In The World Just Got Better!

    The Sonifex DHY-04 telephone hybrid (TBU) is the best performing telephone hybrid in the world. It has auto-sensing combined analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs, front panel speed dial buttons, together with an Ethernet interface to allow web browser access to the configuration and internal settings. The DHY-04 offers stunning line balance rejection figures. For the best sounding audio calls you're likely to hear, get yourself a Sonifex DHY-04.

    What Is A Telephone Hybrid?
    Telephone hybrids, or telephone balance units (TBUs) provide the interface between professional audio equipment and the public telephone network. They provide protection for your equipment and the public telephone lines, allowing for varying line signals and line conditions. Automatically cancelling out the unwanted signal they also facilitate two-way communication down a single telephone line. Each telephone hybrid has a telephone line connection, a handset connection and separate terminals for audio input and output from a broadcast mixer, or other professional audio source. A large proportion of Sonifex hybrids are used in radio and television broadcasting applications for allowing external callers to be connected to the studio mixing console.Most of the other units are supplied to communication operations for allowing extremely effective conversion between 4-wire audio circuits and standard telephone lines. A ringing detector can be used when you need to answer a call automatically, for instance, if a journalist files a report to a PC recorder over a telephone line, the call can be picked up after a set number of rings by the ringing detector. The DHY-04S has a built in ringing detector that is enabled by one of the configuration settings switches on the rear panel.

    ACMA Conformity!
    The DHY-04, DHY-04S & DHY-04T are fully compliant with the ACMA requirements for use in Australia and New Zealand

    • Features:

      • Fully automatic - adapts to varying line conditions and has automatic signal limiting.
      • Fully adaptive echo cancellation to 127msec - default is 24msec.
      • 70dB typical line balance rejection offering superb performance and crystal clear audio.
      • Front panel input and output gain controls.
      • Front panel LED metering of receive and send signals.
      • Built-in conferencing for 2 hybrids, so that a single telco channel on a mixing desk can receive 2 calls
      • Integrated ring detector - automatic call answering after a pre-determinednumber of rings.
      • Automatic call disconnection. Fitted with K-break, line polarity reversal and dial tone disconnect detection, defined by the country selection.
      • Automatic ducking facility allows the talent to `shout-down', or talk over, a caller by reducing the gain of the caller's signal if it goes above a certain level.
      • Local and remote line hold switching - calls can be remotely switched through a mixing console.
      • Line hold/release button to control line hold circuit, illuminates to indicate the status of the line and flashes to show ring status.
      • DTMF tone recognition allowing a opto-isolated GPI output to be made on receipt of selected DTMF tones, e.g. for starting a studio automation recorder automatically to record a remote telephone interview.
      • International operation with built-in configurable settings for each country.
      • Country selection allows the unit to provide line impedance and a simulation circuit to match the country.
      • RS232 serial port for remote control of the TBU & DTMF tone dialling.
      • Remote port distributes the remote line connect switch and tally output, a momentary/latch selector and the DTMF detect output.
    • Specifications:

      • Analog Audio I/O
      • Input Impedance - Line Mode (Clean Feed): 10kΩ balanced 0dB
      • Input Impedance - Conferencing: 10kΩ balanced 0dB
      • Input Impedance - Microphone Mode: 2kΩ balanced
      • Input Level Gain Range: +6dB, 0dB, and -6dB adjusted by 3-position front panel switch, +10dB jumper
      • Microphone Level Gain Preset: From 65dB to 35dB
      • Maximum Input Levels: Line +26dBu, mic -24dBu
      • Clean Feed Limiting Input: -4dBu for CTR21 setting, other values available *
      • Output Impedance - Line Out: 50Ω balanced floating 0dBu
      • Output Impedance - Conference/Record: 50Ω balanced floating 0dBu
      • Output Level Gain Range: +6db, 0dB, and -6dB adjusted by 3-position front panel switch

        Digital Audio I/O
      • Input Impedance: 110Ω ±20% balanced
      • Output Impedance: 110Ω ±20% balanced
      • Sample Frequency Range: 30 - 100kHz (i.e. including 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 64kHz, 88.2kHz & 96kHz)
      • Signal Level: 2V/7V peak to peak min/max
      • Analogue Input Level for Full Scale Digits: +18dBU

        Telephone Line
      • Bandwidth to Telephone Line: 250Hz - 4kHz, -3dB ref 1kHz
      • Telephone Line Impedance: 600Ω, 900Ω plus 14 other complex impedance circuits *
      • Rejection Ratio: 80-88dB on complex waveforms, reference peak level of 0dBFS
      • Ring Detector Sensitivity: Off, 2, 4 or 6 rings

        Power Supply
      • Power to DHY-04, S & T Universal 12W power supply: 90 to 250V AC; 47-63Hz; fused 1A; These values are dependent on the actual country setting selected on the DHY-04

      • Mic/Line/AES-EBU Input: XLR 3 pin female, with push-button mic/line selection
      • Line/AES-EBU Output: XLR 3 pin male
      • Telephone Line: RJ11 6/4 socket
      • Telephone Handset/Instrument: RJ11 6/4 socket
      • Conferencing or Record Audio: RJ45 socket
      • Remotes: 9-way D-type socket
      • Ethernet: RJ45 socket
      • RS232 Serial: 9-way D-type socket
      • Power: IEC mains (CEE22)

    DHY-04S - Required Accessories

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