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Tripp Lite

Tripplite SmartPro Series Rackmount UPS

Tripp Lite's SmartPro Series UPS rackmounts provide an intelligent, line interactive rack/tower uninterruptible power supply that prevents data loss, downtime and equipment damage due to power outages, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Requires only one rack space (1U) in a 2 or 4 post rack, with included accessories for upright tower placement.
  • Large internal batteries offer 17 minutes half load runtime and 5 minutes at full load.
  • Maintains regulated 120V nominal output without using battery power during brownouts as low as 187V.
    • 500VA / 300 watt power handling capability is compatible with networking, telecom and other sensitive electronic applications.
    • Includes a total of 6 outlets with a single pair of outlets that can be individually controlled via software interface to reboot select equipment on demand or automatically shed less significant loads to extend battery runtime for more critical equipment.
    • Includes PowerAlert UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software with complete cabling.
    • Built-in accessory slot supports SNMP with optional SNMPWEBCARD adapter.
    • Two year warranty
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