Clearsonic IPTD IsoPac T Tabletop Translator/Vocal Iso Booth Package w/ Acrylic Sound Shields/Sorber Absorption Baffles


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    IPTD - Overview

    ClearSonic IsoPac portable isolation booths create a more ideal acoustic space wherever you are, so you can spend less time worrying about acoustics and more time getting great sounding mixes. ClearSonic's isolation booths are the perfect solution to cut down on microphone bleed and environmental noise to achieve quieter volume levels and better mixes for home and studio recording, translation & interpretation services, podcasting, House of Worship services, and live music venue performances. In addition to voice, they work great for guitar, strings, brass and woodwind instruments, or any sound source.

    The IsoPac T is designed for translation, interpretation, podcasting, and voice-over applications and offers great sound isolation and volume reduction. Just take a seat at the booth and you will hear the difference. This compact tabletop booth will comfortably fit one seated speaker. Your microphone is surrounded by an acrylic sound shield and acoustic treatment to provide a more ideal recording environment and will reduce external noise as well, so you can be sure your vocals will sound clean and clear. The sound shield acts as a sound barrier keeping sound contained in the booth where it can be absorbed by the S2216, S2224, and S2233 Sorber sound absorption baffles. This also makes it a perfect solution for classroom, tradeshow, or conference environments where noise and limited space can be an issue. The back of the booth is open, so booth access is as easy as sitting down.

    All of our isolation booths are modular, portable, and feature full-length, flexible, yet robust plastic hinges that utilize our 'tooth in groove' mechanical lock to securely snap into place for a firm connection between panels, cable cutouts to easily organize cables running to your gear, sound absorbing Sorber baffles, and the highest quality 1/4" thick acrylic material to provide a booth that is functional, stable, and aesthetically pleasing.

    • Features:

      • Modular and expandable if more room is ever needed
      • Great for translators, interpreters, podcasters, and voice-over artists and stage, studio, House of Worship, conference, and classroom environments
      • Compact translation or vocal booth for a seated person
      • Sits on a tabletop and covers front and sides of speaker
      • Cuts down on mic bleed and gives soundperson greater control over the mix
      • The acrylic sound shield, inner S2216 & S2224 Sorber baffles, and top S2233 Sorber baffle offer extensive sound isolation and absorption
      • 12 square feet of sound absorbing Sorber baffles provide great volume reduction of 50%
      • Cable cutouts allow for easy cable routing to your gear
      • The 12" H AX2412x4 Acrylic Drum Shield Height Extenders provide an ample 6.5' of headroom
      • 3' height allows plenty of headroom for seated speakers
    • Item Includes:

      • 1x A1834x1
      • 1x A2436x1
      • 1x A1834x1 (hinged together) - side panels measure 18" W x 34" H; center panel measures 24" W x 36" H
      • 2x S2216 - 22" W x 16" H Sorber sound absorption baffles
      • 1x S2224 - 22" W x 24" H Sorber sound absorption baffle
      • 1x S2233 - 22" W x 33" H Sorber Lid sound absorption baffle

    IPTD - Required Accessories

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