Datavideo AD-300 Pro Audio Delay Box with 3x XLR Balanced Stereo Inputs and 2x RCA Unbalanced Stereo

ITEM #: DV-AD-300 MFG #: AD-300

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    AD-300 - Overview

    A professional sound delay box with multiple functions
    The Datavideo AD-300 is equipped with a wide range of input and output interfaces and sound processing functions to fulfill the needs of professional audio production. The input audio source can be processed for sound delay, mixing, equalizer, compressor, limiter and other sound effects.

    Wide range of input options
    The AD-300 is equipped with a wide range of input and output interfaces. 3 XLR balanced stereo inputs and 2 RCA unbalanced stereo inputs; the output provides two channels of XLR and RCA.

    Sound Delay Range 0~3000ms
    The AD-300 professional audio delay device has a 3000 ms audio delay range, and each input can be adjusted individually in milliseconds to achieve professional-grade sound and video synchronization.

    Built-in Mixing Function
    The built-in mix function allows you to select any of the five input sources that you want to mix and combine them into a single output channel. A Test Tone can be added for volume correction.

    Equalizer for adjusting timbre
    You can set a specific frequency range and then adjust the volume of that specific frequency range only. The equalizer of AD-300 can adjust each channel from 125Hz to 16K Hz in 8 frequency ranges, each adjustable by ± 10 dB, to produce the various tone effects you want.

    Effect: Compressor
    The Compressor reduces the level of the high volume sound signal and maintains the original level of the low volume sound signal, thus reducing the dynamics range of the sound signal and adjusting the rise and fall of the audio track. The AD-300's compressor can achieve a 100:1 compression ratio (Ratio), and the Attack time can be adjusted from 50 to 500msec, allowing you to adjust the audio dynamic range to your ideal.

    Effect: Limiter
    Limiter is a function used to limit the dynamic range and is often used in combination with Compressor. It controls the maximum volume of the entire track and is adjusted at the end of Mastering. The Threshold range of the AD-300's Limiter is +24dBu to -6dBu, and the Attack time can be selected from 50 to 500ms.

    Effect: Expander
    The Expander is the opposite of the Compressor and is used to expand the dynamic range of the sound, making the louder and quieter parts of the Threshold range louder and quieter, respectively. The Expander can be used to make more noticeable changes in the volume of instrumental music or vocals.

    Effect: Gate
    If the volume is less than the set thershold range, it will be muted to silence, which is the function of the gate. Gate is mainly used to remove unwanted audio. For example, it can be used to eliminate the breathing noise of the vocal sounds. The Gate thershold of the AD-300 can be adjusted from -66 dBu to -25 dBu.

    Audio filter
    Filters are being used to remove groups of frequencies from an audio-signal. High-pass filter cuts out all frequencies below a user-determined cutoff point. And low-pass filter cuts out all frequencies above a user-determined cutoff point.

    Balanced/unbalanced audio conversion
    The built-in balanced or unbalanced audio conversion prevents under-volume or popping in case of misuse. When unbalanced and balanced audio conversion is required

    When unbalanced and balanced audio conversion is required, the AD-300's audio conversion function will ensure that the sound output matches the desired format.

    Mic in with +48V phantom power
    Switchable for Microphone input or Audio Line input and Supports XLR mic in and +48V phantom power.

    AD-300 - Required Accessories

      AD-300 - Recommended Accessories

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