Earthworks M23R 23kHz Reference Measurement Microphone

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    M23R - Overview

    Earthworks M23R is an omnidirectional (pressure) microphone designed for measurement purposes. It utilizes a pre-polarized condenser capsule directly coupled to a wideband, low output impedance preamplifier. The M23R requires 24-48V phantom power at 10mA. It features a linear frequency response from 3Hz to 23kHz, very low handling noise, uniform polar pattern, and high SPL handling capabilities. Its unique circuitry excludes the transconductance of the input FET from the overall gain structure. This means the sensitivity remains very stable when the microphone is subjected to variations in ambient temperature. The M23R meets or exceeds ANSI Type 1 requirements.

    Each Reference Series measurement microphone is manufactured to within ± 0.5dB of each other in frequency response and sensitivity. This ensures that any microphone in the series will be matched to all others now and forever while also eliminating the necessity of ECFs (ElectronicCalibration Files) in most cases. The M23R is delivered with its own calibration chart providing its individually measured open-circuit sensitivity and the frequency response curve. Should it be needed, an ECF containing the frequency response data for importing directly into measurement software is available from Earthworks upon request. A mounting clip and calibrator adapter are included with the microphone.

    Earthworks M23R is ideally suited for acoustical
    measurements, sound system setup and troubleshooting, room acoustics, or any application where an accurate measurement microphone is required. The wide linear minimum-phase response and fast clean impulse response make the M23R especially suited for time do main measurements.

    The M23R is simple to operate. Connect the microphone to a preamplifier supplying 24-48V phantom power using a standard XLR microphone cable. Please allow up to one minute for the microphone to settle. Plugging in the microphone "hot" (phantom power already present at the input) will not damage the microphone. For optimum results we recommend pointing M23R toward the sound source.

    The microphone's sensitivity at 1kHz is measured at the factory. The sensitivity in mV/Pa is provided on the included calibration chart. If onsite calibration is required, use the included onehalf inch standard calibrator adapter.

    • Features:

      • A true Reference Microphone. Each and every M23R has the same frequency response and sensitivity - matched to within +/- 0.5dB across the entire operating frequency range (3Hz to 23kHz).
      • This is made possible by proprietary Earthworks technologies, which allow individual tuning and calibration of every measurement microphone produced.
      • Build your own matched array of reference microphones at your own speed. Simply add more M23Rs whenever you need them. They'll match tomorrow or ten years from now.
      • Equip all of your production teams with matching reference mics and get consistent results no matter where they are.
      • Start doing multi-mic measurements or equip new teams at any time with confidence that all of their reference microphones match.
      • Eliminate a common source of error - no ECF needed - the M23R is already flat. It's the definition of flat.
    • Specifications:

      • Frequency response: 3Hz to 23kHz ± 0.5dB
      • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
      • Sensitivity: 36mV/Pa (-28.9 dBv/Pa)
      • Matching Tolerance: ± 0.5dB (freq resp & sensitivity)
      • Power Requirements: 24-48V Phantom, 10mA
      • Peak Acoustic Input: 140dB SPL
      • Output: XLR-3 (pin 2+)
      • Minimum Load: 600Ω btw. pins 2 & 3
      • Noise: 20dB, A equivalent
      • Temperature Operating Range: -4° to 140° F (-20° to +60° C)
      • Storage Temp. Range: -40° to 176° F (-40 to +80° C)
      • Humidity: Up to 90%
      • Dimensions: L x D 6.25 x .860 in. (165 x 22 mm)
      • Weight: 0.35lb. (1.60kg)
    • Item Includes:

      • 1x Earthworks M23R 23kHz Reference Measurement Microphone
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