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    SPYDER ELITE - Overview

    Spyder4 from Plura is a display color calibration hardware solution designed for photographers and creative professionals. There are three Spyder4 versions: Spyder4Elite*, Spyder4Pro and Spyder4Express

    An uncalibrated display can produce unexpected results. Working on a display that is periodically standardized through calibration enables true-to-life reproduction of images. Spyder4 features a patented, 7-channel sensor capable of calibrating a variety of display types including your monitor, projector, iPad and iPhone with high accuracy (and even your TV with a software upgrade).

    Spyder4 makes calibration straightforward. All you need to do is position the color sensor on your display and step through the software wizard. The sensor measures a series of colors on your screen and creates a "profile" to standardize your display. You can compare images before/after calibration.

    Spyder4Elite software offers options for visual fine-tuning of displays, use of video standards (Cineon, NTSC, PAL), analysis of color non-uniformity and change over time, use of L-star, iterative grey balance for the most accurate
    greys, unlimited choices for gamma and luminance settings.

    Note: *Check out the specs to see additional features and installation requirements of the Spyder4Elite version.

    Seven reasons to color calibrate your display
    1. Displays render the same image differently. Calibration tunes your display to a reference standard and brings greater colorconsistency across different displays.
    2. Displays change over time. Luminance can change by 25% over a year. Recalibration returns it to reference state for brightness and color.
    3. Prints often do not match display. Color mismatches between the display and print can be frustrating. Display calibration provides a base for improved print matching.
    4. Wide gamut display inaccuracies. Wide-gamut displays may show oversaturated and unnatural colors that need to be standardized and corrected through color calibration.
    5. Highlight and shadow detail loss. Control of brightness, white point and tone response through calibration results in accurate display of highlights and shadows.
    6. White point is inconsistent and greys are not neutral. White point varies by up to 20% on un-calibrated displays. Calibration makes the white point consistent and produces balanced, neutral greys.
    7. Image colors are not true to life. A calibrated display renders camera images with high color fidelity.

    Seven reasons to use Spyder4 for calibration
    1. Full-spectrum color sensor. Spyder4’s patented 7-color sensor improves upon colorimeters that use 3-channel RGB sensors. Each Spyder4 unit is individually tuned in the factory to accurately handle a variety of wide-gamut and normal gamut displays with ease.
    2. Single sensor calibrates all your displays. Spyder4 works with your laptop, multiple monitors, projector, iPad and even iPhone. It works with LCD, LED, OLED, CRT, DLP (Spyder4elite version) and other display technologies. Spyder4 is unique in its ability to calibrate all your display devices to achieve greater consistency.
    3. Improved accuracy and stability. The fourth-generation Spyder4 has double-shielded color filters for an even closer match to CIE color standards and improved long term stability. Average accuracy increased by 26% and consistency between Spyder units has improved 19%.
    4. Simple, automated calibration. Spyder4 makes calibration straightforward. Position the color sensor on your display and step through the software wizard. The sensor measures a series of colors on your screen and creates a “profile” to standardize your display. You can compare images before/after calibration.
    5. Fast Re-calibration Assistant. The “ReCAL” feature makes it quick and easy to recalibrate your display to compensate for changes that occur over time.
    6. Adapts display to surrounding light. The lighting around you will affect image contrast and appearance. An additional sensor on the Spyder4 (Pro/Elite) measures the ambient light and ca

    • Features:

      • Advanced multiple display tuning is perfect for studios
      • Ambient light sensor
      • Advanced MQA (Monitor Quality Analysis) – same as SpyderPRO plus color graphing for uniformity of light
      • Compare gamut of your display to Adobe RGB and sRGB
      • iPad and iPhone ready
      • Calibrates your TV with a paid software upgrade available on the Datacolor website
    • Specifications:

      • Installation Requirements:
      • Windows XP 32/64, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64
      • MacOS X Panther (10.4), Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6) and Lion (10.7)
      • Color monitor with at least 1024x768 resolution (1024 x 600 netbook option), projector, TV
      • 24-bit video card
      • Powered USB port
        Software Specifications
      • Gamma Choices: Unlimited
      • Color Temperature Choices: Unlimited
      • Special Targets: NTSC, PAL/SECAM, Cineon
      • ICC Profile Support: ICC 2, ICC 4
      • Multiple Display Calibration: Yes
      • TV Calibration: Upgrade available on website at additional cost
      • Front Projector Calibration: Yes
      • Ambient Light Measurement: Yes
      • Re-calibration Wizard: Yes
      • Expert Console: Yes
      • Custom B/W Luminance Control: Yes
      • Display History Utility: Yes
      • SpyderProof Interface: Yes
      • StudioMatch: Yes
      • L-Star Workflow Option: Yes
      • Curves Import Function: Yes
      • SpyderTune: Yes
      • Iterative Gray Balance: Yes
      • Gamma Curve Editing: Yes
      • Display History Utility: Yes
      • Expert Console: Yes
      • Custom B/W Luminance Control: Yes
        Hardware Specifications
      • Ambient Light Sensor: Yes
      • Color Sensor: 7 Filter/Detector
      • Aperture Size: 27 mm
      • Initial Calibration Time: 5 Minutes
      • Recalibration Time: 2.5 Minutes
      • Ambient Light Shield: 5.08 cm 5.08 cm 5.08 cm
      • Physical Dimensions: 3.8 cm (D) x 8.9 cm (W) x 10.2 cm (L)
      • Mounting Methods: Universal Counterweight and Tripod Mount
      • Desktop Docking Base w/Tripod Mount
      • Computer Connection: USB
    • Item Includes:

      • Datacolor Spyder4 colorimeter
      • Desktop Cradle/Tripod mount
      • Software CD
      • Quick Start Guide (in 10 languages)
      • 1-year warranty (for countries of the EU, the period is 2 years)
      • Free Support

    SPYDER ELITE - Required Accessories

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