Tascam Sonicview 16XP 16-Channel Digital Audio Mixer / Multi-Track Live Recording Console with Dante


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    SONICVIEW 16XP - Overview

    TASCAM's Sonicview 16XP offers 16 physical input channels with motorized faders and top-of-the-line HDIA microphone preamps. With its smaller frame size, the Sonicview 16XP can be rack-mounted. This multi-track recorder and digital mixer includes a generous 44 input channels (40 mono channels and 2 stereo channels), 22 flex output buses, and the L/R main bus.

    Built-In 32-Track SD Recording
    Sonicview 16XP offers multiple ways to record. In addition to its integrated audio interface, the Sonicview 16XP comes with an integrated IF-MTR32 multi-track recording card, enabling you to capture 32 channels directly to an SDXC card. The SD recorder supports simultaneous 32-channel punch-in/punch-out, pre-record, auto-record, and markers. Best of all, it automatically saves and closes the file every 60 seconds during recording to safeguard against data loss so you can let the recorder do it's job worry-free while you focus on mixing.

    Built-in USB Audio Interface and Stereo Recording
    Sonicview's integrated 32-in/32-out USB audio interface makes it a first-rate front end for recording and broadcast studios, as well as for capturing live events. Record your choice of channel direct outs, flex buses, and the L/R main bus to your favorite DAW at up to 96 kHz with the same 32-bit precision used throughout the Sonicview.

    You can simultaneously capture the main mix directly to the onboard stereo SD recorder - handy when the band wants to listen to their performance at the hotel or on the bus. A top-panel port also lets you record in stereo to a USB flash drive.

    Intuitive Operation at Your Fingertips
    The Sonicview 16XP offers motorized channel faders in two banks of eight, plus a motorized stereo fader for the main bus. Above each bank of channel faders is a color touch panel that allows you to view entire mixer channels, or get down to details, controlling each parameter with your fingertip.

    • Features:

      • Hardware mixing surface and mixing engine operating system are independent of each other for high stability and continuous audio flow
      • Library: Snapshot/Effect/Module/Parametric EQ/Graphic EQ/Gate/Compressor
      • 18 assignable user keys, 7 custom fader layers, 8 DCA groups
      • 16+1 100mm motorized faders
      • 16 encoder knobs with color LED
      • 16 LCDs with color LED display channel name, input level, and gain reduction meter
      • 2 channel internal recording/playback with SD card or USB flash drive
      • 8 TRS line inputs, 2 RCA stereo input pairs, XLR talkback input
      • XLR monitor outputs
      • 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch headphone outputs
      • Word clock In and Out/Thru
      • 1000BASE-T gigabit Ethernet
      • 8-in/8-out GPIO on DB25
      • TRS footswitch jack
      • XLR 4-31 lamp connector
      • Power switch with guard
    • Specifications:

      • Processing Capability
      • Input: 52 [Monaural: 40, Stereo: 2 (Stereo),Fx Return: 4 (Stereo)]
      • Bus: 32 [AUX/GROUP Switchable MIX bus: 22, MAIN L/R bus: 1 (Stereo), Fx Send bus: 4 (Stereo)]
      • Built in Fx: 4

        Input Ports
      • 96 kHz: Max 152 ports
      • 48 kHz: Max 248 ports
      • MIC/LINE: 16
      • Stereo (RCA): 4 (2xStereo)
      • Dante: 32 (96 kHz), 64 (48 kHz)
      • SLOT: 32x2 (96 kHz), 64x2 (48 kHz)
      • USB Audio: 32
      • Built-in Player: 2 (1xStereo)
      • OSC: 1
      • TALKBACK: 1

        Output Ports
      • 96 kHz: Max 148 ports
      • 48 kHz: Max 244 ports
      • LINE: 16
      • Dante: 32 (96 kHz), 64 (48 kHz)
      • SLOT: 32x2 (96 kHz), 64x2 (48 kHz)
      • USB Audio: 32
      • MONITOR OUT (Analog): 2 (1xStereo)
      • Built in Recorder: 2 (1xStereo)

        I/O Ports
      • Analog Insert I/O: 2 I/O (MIC/LINE Input 7/8)

        Digital Signal Processing
      • Mixer Engine: 96 kHz/54 bit floating point
      • ADC: 96 kHz, 32 bit
      • DAC: 96 kHz, 24 bit
      • Digital I/O sampling rate: 96 kHz, 48 kHz

        Analog Audio Inputs/Outputs
      • MIC/LINE inputs (1-16 channels)
      • Connector: XLR-3-31 equivalent (1:GND,2:HOT,3:COLD)
      • Max Input Level: +12dBu (PAD=OFF, TRIM MIN), +32dBu (PAD=ON, TRIM MIN)
      • Min Input Level: -62dBu (PAD=OFF, TRIM MAX), -42dBu (PAD=ON, TRIM MAX)
      • Input Impedance: 5.0kΩ or more
      • Phantom Power: +48V available

        LINE inputs (9-16 channels)
      • Connector: Connector: Φ6.3mm(1/4")TRS phone jack, Balanced (TIP: HOT, RING: COLD, SLEEVE: GND)
      • Max input level: +12dBu (PAD=OFF, TRIM MIN), +32dBu (PAD=ON, TRIM MIN)
      • Min Input Level: -62dBu (PAD=OFF, TRIM MAX), -42dBu (PAD=ON, TRIM MAX)
      • Input Impedance: 5.0kΩ or more

      • INSERT (7-8 channels)
      • Connector: Φ6.3mm(1/4")TRS phone jack (TIP: SEND, RING:

        RETURN (RING)
      • Max Input Level +18dBu
      • Nominal Input level -2dBu
      • Input Impedance: 5.0kΩ or more

        SEND (TIP)
      • Max input level +18dBu
      • Nominal Input level -2dBu
      • Input impedance 100kΩ or less

        TALKBACK Inputs
      • Connector: XLR-3-31 equivalent (1: GND,2: HOT,3: COLD)
      • Min Input Level: +10dBu
      • Min Input Level: -65dBu
      • Gain Range: 0 - 55dB
      • Input Impedance: 5.0kΩ or more
      • Phantom Power: +48V available

        Stereo (RCA) Inputs (1-2)
      • Connector: RCA pin jack
      • Max input level: +6dBV (1.995Vrms)
      • Nominal Input level: -10dBV (0.316Vrms)
      • Head room: 16dB
      • Input impedance: 10kΩ or more

        LINE Outputs (1-16 channels)
      • Connector: XLR-3-32 equivalent (1: GND, 2: HOT, 3: COLD)
      • Nominal Output Level: +6dBu (D.ref: -9dBFS) / +4dBu (D.ref: -14dBFS, -16dBFS) / +4dBu or 0dBu (D.ref: -18dBFS, -20dBFS)

        Max output level:
      • +15dBu (D.ref.: -9dBFS, A.ref.: +6dBu) / +18dBu (D.ref.: -14dBFS, A.ref.: +4dBu) / +20dBu (D.ref.: -16dBFS, A.ref.: +4dBu) / +18dBu (D.ref.: -18dBFS, A.ref.: 0dBu) / +20dBu (D.ref.: -20dBFS, A.ref.: 0dBu) / +22dBu (D.ref.: -18dBFS, A.ref.: +4dBu) / +24dBu (D.ref.: -20dBFS, A.ref.: +4dBu) / Output Impedance: 100Ω or less
    • Item Includes:

      • 1x TASCAM Sonicview 16XP and IF-MTR32 preinstalled:
      • 3x Power cord(JAPAN/USA/EUROPE/OCEANIA:
      • 1x Owner's Manual with Warranty
      • 1x TASCAM ID Registration Guide
    • GTIN:


    SONICVIEW 16XP - Required Accessories

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