Tripp Lite DB9 Network In-Line Dataline Surge Protector 120V / 230V 9-PIN DB9


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    DB9 - Overview

    Tripp Lite's DB9 offers dataline surge suppression for DB9 serial ports of data terminal and data communications equipment, including PCs, printers, modems and more. User configurable for use with male or female captive DB9 ports. Offers protection on all 9 lines, plus D shell chassis. Convenient DB9 input and output connects directly to the protected port, obtaining a ground outlet from the computer chassis. Surge suppression is handled with balanced arrays of high-speed avalanche diodes that divert excess energies created by electrostatic discharges, faulty wiring or lightning away from network interface connections. Tripp Lite network surge suppressors reduce blown interface cards, garbled transmissions, system lock-ups and hard equipment failure by safely shunting dataline surges to ground.SUPPRESSION: Reversible DB9 m/f jacks, protects pins 1-9 and chassis, 18V clamping.

    What is the main culprit of electrical surges?
    Electrical devices that require lots of power to operate. Depending on the wiring of your Studio or Production suite, you may notice at times that your lights flicker when powerful devices turn on and off, e.g. your air conditioner. When these devices are switched on, they demand a lot of electricity, which puts a lot of strain on the grid and can cause surges.
    When should you use a surge protector?
    All the time. The real question is really which devices you should connect to a surge protector. You don’t need a surge protector for your desk lamp or your standing fan, but you do want a surge protector for expensive devices that have intricate microprocessors, like computers, DVR's, LED/LCD monitors, power amps, Studio Lighting, Powered Nearfield Speaker monitors, etc. Think of it this way: if there was an electrical surge that destroyed all of the devices connected to your outlets, which lost devices would pain you the most? Plug those into a surge protector. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    • Features:

      • DB9 protects 9 pin serial connections for dataline surge suppression of data terminal, data communications equipment and PCs, printers, modems and more
      • Reversible for use with male or female captive DB9 ports
      • Offers protection on all 9 data lines, plus D shell chassis
      • Surge suppression utilizing high speed avalanche diodes divert excess energies on the network to ground
    • Specifications:

      • Product Group: SURGE PROTECTORS
      • TAA Compliant: No
      • Intended Application: Computer Networks
      • Style: In-Line
      • Surge Style: IN-LINE
      • Surge Type: Network/Server
      • Circuit Breaker (amps): 340
      • Outlet Quantity / Type: 0
      • Number of Outlets: 1
      • Recommended Electrical Service: 120V, 230V
      • Input Connection Type: DB9
      • Input Cord Length (ft.): 0
      • Unit Carton UPC#: 37332010834
      • AC Suppression Joule Rating: 0
      • Clamping Voltage (RMS): 18
      • Telephone/DSL Protection: No
      • Cable (Coax) Protection: No
      • Network (Ethernet) Protection: No
      • Additional Dataline Protection: 1-9 & Chassis
      • Product Warranty Period (Worldwide): Lifetime limited warranty
      • Selector Type: SURGE SUPPRESSORS
    • Item Includes:

      • 1 DB9 Surge Suppressor
    • GTIN:


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      DB9 - Recommended Accessories

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