LEN LHDF03 HD-SDI Video Ground Isolator 4000 Volt - 4kV Breakdown - B-Stock (Repaired / No Original Packaging)


LEN LHDF03 HD-SDI Video Ground Isolator 4000 Volt - 4kV Breakdown - B-Stock (Repaired / No Original Packaging)
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    LHDF03-BSTK - Overview

    The LEN LHDF03 is suitable for SD or HD SDI signals. These have a higher breakdown voltage as required for medical applications. They are built into Insulating ABS boxes with mounting flanges, fitted with two female BNC connectors.

    Traditional "Humbucker" and Isolation Transformer approaches to interference are not applicable to SDI signals. Mains hum is well below the SDI signal frequency spectrum and (unlike analogue video) the SDI signal is not sensitive to near-DC attenuation. However, the problems of signal distortion and operator shocks caused by a voltage difference between two pieces of equipment connected by a HD-SDI signal feed still exist.

    The L E N HD Ground Isolator uses a broadband highpass filter to provide DC electrical isolation between the two pieces of equipment, whilst permitting the full bandwidth of the HDSDI signal to pass. This method outperforms all other broadband transformers for SDI signals currently available. Also known as the HD-SDI Galvanic Separator, it is non-inverting and suitable for ASI format.

    LEN Medical Grade 4kV Galvanic Isolators for in-line use with HD and 3G SDI video.
    Standards IEC / EN / UL 60601-1 define medical-equipment electrical-safety conditions necessary to protect patients, operators, and the surroundings.

    The LEN Medical Grade HD and 3G SDI Galvanic Video Isolators meet both the IEC 60601 Type B, "one Means of Operator Protection" or 1 MOOP and "one Means of Patient Protection" or 1 MOPP requirements and also meet the more stringent requirements, including the Type CF "2 MOPP" 4000 volt requirement for equipment in contact with the heart

    They are intended for applications such as in-line isolation for cameras used in Operating Theatres, where there is a legislative requirement to install galvanic isolation between devices such as cameras on the patient interface and external equipment such as monitors or recording equipment.

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