ART SP4X4PROUSB 1RU Professional 8-Outlet Power Conditioner with USB & Advanced Power Filtering - 1800 Watt Capacity


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    SP4X4PROUSB - Overview

    Presenting the SP4X4PROUSB Power Distribution Systems from ART. Built on the foundation of the popular 4x4s, the PRO USB SERIES are durably constructed, reliable power conditioners for use in many applications. Wherever power management system is required, the 4x4 PRO USB SERIES provide the surge protection you need to keep your rack safe from unwanted disruption.

    All PRO USB SERIES models have an additional internal discrete module called APF™ (Advanced Power Filtering) which filters out digital and dimmer hash as well as any high frequency noise that is above the audio range. Some off-the-shelf add-on modules saturate and lose their filtering effectiveness as the load increases, but by using a high power discrete design we were able to create a filter that stays effective over the full operating range.

    ART 4x4 PRO Series power distribution systems feature a unique "4x4" AC jack layout on the back of the unit where four of the eight rear outputs are set 1.25-inches apart, allowing the user to plug in wide power cables and multiple wall warts devices.

    Built into the ART 4x4 Pro Series is a surge and spike protection designed to protect powered equipment from harmful electric surges and spikes that are a commonplace in venues. The unit also has FRI and EMI filtering to eliminate cable induced noise in the AC power.

    A front-located brightly illuminated on/off power switch ensures convenient power up and confirmation of the power source. The unit has two USB charging ports. The unit has a total capacity of 1800 watts, and has a conveniently front-mounted, 15 amp circuit breaker for quick resets when necessary.

    The rugged, all steel chassis occupies 1U rack spaces and is intended for installation into standard 19-inch equipment racks. Applications for the 4x4 Pro Series Power Distribution Systems include live sound systems/PA systems, DJ sound systems, home and project recording systems and monitor systems.

    The eight circuit breaker protected outlets are rated at 15 amps total, which is equivalent to 1800 watts at 120 volts. If the total load on the 4x4 PRO Series Power Distribution System's outlets (and rack lights on the SP4x4 PRO & PS4x4 PRO) exceeds 15 amps, the circuit breaker will trip, cutting off power to your rack. If this happens, reduce the load by unplugging one or more units from the unit, then push the circuit breaker button in to reset it.

    The 4x4 PRO Series Power Distribution Unit's lamps pull out easily and may be aimed to provide the best illumination for your equipment. Adjust the DIMMER control for the desired brightness. You should set the RACK LIGHTS switch to the OFF position if not using the lights for an extended period of time.

    • Features:

      • Advanced Power Filtering (APF)
      • Front-Mounted Circuit Breaker Reset Switch
      • Front-Mounted Unswitched Power Outlet
      • Two USB Charging ports 1A, 2.1A
      • Surge & Spike Protection
      • EMI & RFI Filtering
      • Handy "4X" Distribution on the back - Four of the eight rear switched outputs are wider for AC adapters
      • Total Power Capacity of 1800 watts
      • Durable All-Steel Chassis Occupies 1u Rack Space
      • Rear mounted portable gooseneck 12V lamp - detachable (included with unit)
      • 2 Front Pull Out LED Light Pipes
      • LED digital readout to monitor Input Voltage
      • Separate On/Off Light Switch with variable Dimmer
      • Meter Preview momentary rocker switch
      • LED digital readout to monitor Load Current
    • Specifications:

      • Power Capacity: 1800 Watts
      • Circuit Breaker: 15 Amp Domestic, 8 Amp Export Front Location
      • Power Outlets: Rear Outlets (x 8) Front Outlet (x 1)
      • USB Charger: 5V/3.1A (OVP&OCP)
      • Power Switch: Front Location - On/Off
      • Power Switch: Illumination Yes - In "On" Position
      • Surge & Spike: Protection Yes
      • Power Dissipation: 1800 Joules
      • Filtering: APF, EMI & RFI
      • Construction: All - Steel Chassis
      • Light Pipes: 2 Front Pull-Out Shock Mounted w/dimmer
      • Metering: Input Voltage
      • Dimensions (HWD): 1.75-inch x 19-inch x 6.5-inch / 44mm x 482mm x 165mm
    • Item Includes:

      • 1x ART SP4X4PROUSB 1RU Professional 8-Outlet Power Conditioner with USB & Advanced Power Filtering - 1800 Watt Capacity
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