Ensemble Designs BrightEye 56 Test Signal and Sync Pulse Generator


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    BE56 - Overview

    Just when you thought they had it all covered, Ensemble Designs outdoes themselves with the BrightEye 56 and leaves the competition in the dust! Mind Blown!

    BrightEye 56 is a genlockable sync generator and test signal generator that can be used as either a slave or master reference generator. It can lock to house reference or it can lock to its own internal precision standard. BrightEye 56 is well suited for remote trucks, post, helicopters and fly packs.

    HD or SD SDI test signals or black with embedded audio is output on the SDI BNCs. Composite, HD Tri-level Sync and AES digital audio outputs are also provided. There are three user Programmable Outputs that are selectable between AES, LTC, Wordclock or 6 Hz Pulse. Analog audio and AES outputs provide tone or silence.

    Color Black, Bars, Crosshatch, Multi-burst, and SDI Checkfield (Pathogenic) are just some of the signals simultaneously available on the SDI and analog composite outputs. The Cyclops feature adds a motion element to the selected video test signal. An ID slate with user programmable text can overlay the test pattern.

    The internal Time Code Generator feeds DVITC on the SDI outputs and VITC on the composite outputs, Time Code can also be selected in LTC form on the programmable Aux outputs.

    Many controls can be adjusted through the intuitive front panel. BrightEye Mac and BrightEye PC software provide a complete user interface for all adjustments and controls.

    Power supply is included.

    For those about to "lock"... Let us offer you some basics about what a test signal generator is...

    Think of genlock as a Symphony conductor . A conductor sets the tempo so that all the musicians can play together in time. The conductor provides the rhythm, the beat, the backbone. Think of it this way, when a musician is practicing alone, they will usually use a metronome to play along with. If you told every musician to start practicing at a specific time of day, there is no way that they would all have their metronomes set to the exact same time, instead they would all be a little off. This is why a conductor is so important, so they all hit the opening note at the same time.

    Genlock is essentially the same thing for video. It tells each device to capture frames at exactly the same time. So Hertz is the metronome, the conductor uses a metronome so he knows the pace and then translates the information from the metronome to all the musicians. A Test signal generator essentially takes in power, sets the timing and tells all other devices when to capture.

    Capturing frames from different sources at exactly the same time gives us the ability to seamlessly dissolve from one source to the next, without it, mismatched frames don't work and instead you get truly unprofessional looking cuts.

    • Features:

      • Master or Slave Reference Generator for AllVideo and Audio Gear
      • Sync Pulse Generator
      • 30+ HD and SD Test Signals
      • Composite, SDI, HD Tri-Level Outputs
      • Time Code Generator
      • Analog, AES and Embedded Audio Outputs
    • Specifications:

      • Open Data Sheet tab for detailed specifications.

    BE56 - Required Accessories

      California Residents:
      Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov