Platinum Tools TLA300-1 Tel Scope Telco Line Analyzer with Angled Bed of Nails / Piercing Clip Cord Set & RJ Plug


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    TLA300 - Overview

    The Platinum Tools TLA300-1 TelScopeTest Set is the first true 21st century telecommunication line analyzer setting a new standard for POTS butt sets. It is a field instrument that delivers more information of online conditions & status than any other test set on the market, anywhere in the world!!
    The Platinum Tools TLA300-1 Tel Scope uses the latest embedded processor technology to enhance the user interface experience to provide a "smart" telephone test set that can be modified easily with new innovative feature sets. Combined with a rugged weatherproof case, the Tel Scope is designed for field use in extreme conditions.
    Features Include:
    Large backlit display for low light environments
    Glow-in-the-dark keypad
    Advanced data detection & identification
    100% Data Safe
    Rugged weatherproof case, IP54 Standard
    Drop Proof (Tested at 20ft)

    • Features:

      • Ergonomically designed body for most comfortable use
      • 60 inch Angeled Bed of Nails with piercing clip cord set
      • Listening speaker with fine volume adjustment
      • Adjustable earpiece volume, hearing aid compatible
      • Noise cancelling microphone
      • Microphone mute with toggle on/off locking feature
      • Soft key menu system simplifies user interface and customization
      • Optional cushion boot for extra protection in ultra harsh environments
      • Large LCD screen with On/Off option to conserve battery life
      • Rainproof and highly water/dust resistant case to IP54 Standard
      • Data line-in-use detection capability
      • High line voltage detection with next step options
      • Active monitor circuitry minimizes load on subscriber line
      • DTMF digit detection and display in monitor mode
      • Detects DSL and T1 lines
      • DigitView, DTMF decode sees defects on customer equipment while dialing out
      • PwrSave circuitry for Extra Long battery life

      • 60-in cord set with Alligator Clips, Angled Bed-of-Nails, Piercing Point and No-Fault RJ12 8P8C connector
      • Speaker with fine volume adjustment
      • Noise cancelling microphone
      • Microphone mute with toggle on/off locking feature
      • Soft key menu system
      • Metal spring-loaded belt clip
      • Cushion boot for extra protection
      • Off-hook current and polarity
      • On-hook voltage and polarity
      • On-hook and call waiting Caller ID info
      • Amplified Line Monitor for volume levels comparable to
      • 8 number Stored memory with Alpha/Numeric tags
      • Fuel Gauge Battery condition
      • Continuous Polarity Indication
      • Caller ID/Call Waiting and Caller ID error detection
      • Tone and Pulse dialing
      • Configurable Auto Off in all modes
      • Detects and identifies DSL and T1 lines
      • Last number dialed, redialed or received
      • Multilingual (English, French, Spanish)
      • Backlight 0-100% adjustable with on/off option
    • Specifications:

      • Product Dimensions: 8.25 x 2.5 x 2.0 inches without belt clip and cord set
      • Product Weight: 559.7 grams
      • Interface: Attached cord set
      • Languages: English, Spanish and French
      • Ringer Equivalence: In BELL mode: 0.0 (no ringer load)

        Tone Dialing
      • DTMF output (into 600 Ohms):
      • Tone-frequency error: ±1.5%;
      • Tone Level:
      • High group: -6 ±2 dBm;
      • Low group: -8 ±2 dBm;
      • High group vs. Low group Difference (twist): 2 ±1 dBm

      • Voltage: 0 to 200 VDC ±5%;
      • Current: 10 to 110 mA ±5%;
      • NOTE: Do not attach test set to electric-power lines

        User Controls
      • (1) Left-side-mounted TALK/BELL/MON push button switches for operating modes;
      • (1) Right-side-mounted microphone mute pushbutton;
      • (4) Front-mounted pushbuttons for various options;
      • (1) Standard front-mounted 12-key phone keypad

        Flash Duration: 600 ±50 ms
      • Pause Duration Tone: 3 seconds; Pulse 3.4 seconds
      • Memory: 8 programmable locations, 32 digits with 12 character tag, stored in nonvolatile memory. Last number redial plus list of last 10 numbers dialed.
      • Return Loss Minimum: 14 dB at 600 Ohms
      • Line-Current Range: 10 to 110 mA
      • Apparent Line Resistance: 275 Ohms at 20 mA
      • Monitor Mode: Impedance DC - 1MΩ typical, AC - 390 KΩ at 1 KHz typical
      • Display: Transflective 128 by 64 pixel graphical liquid crystal display (LCD) with LED backlight
      • Power: 4 x AAA alkaline batteries (Included)
      • Battery Life: Operation - 7 hours min. 150 hours max. Standby - 2 years
    • Item Includes:

      • 1x Platinum Tools TLA300-1 Tel Scope Telco Line Analyzer with Angled Bed of Nails / Piercing Clip Cord Set & RJ Plug.
      • 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries.
    • Warranty:

      • 1 Year
    • GTIN:


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