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Telecast Fiber Systems, inc

Telecast Rattler 4 3G HD-SDI Over 1310nm ST Fiber Optic Transmission Kit

The Telecast series' unique rattler 4 miniature fiber optic serial digital video transmission modules offer the industry's broadest range of digital rates while maintaining the signal quality that broadcasters demand. No matter what your format, the rattler 4 systems allow you to transmit a single stream of most SMPTE video streams as well as MADI or AES audio.

Just three inches in length, these tiny modules can be deployed almost anywhere. Single transmitters and receivers may also be purchased outside of this kit. Each rattler 4 Transmitter accepts one 75 ohm coaxial input and converts it into an optical stream via standard ST connectors. The Receiver unit reconverts the uncompressed signal back to BNC outputs.

The transmitter modules include equalization for long lengths of coaxial cable, so you can use them at nearly any point in your HD-SDI chain. The receiver modules automatically reclock the incoming SMPTE standard signals at 270 Mbps, 1.5 Gbps, and 3 Gbps.

Universal inter-operability
rattler 4 modules are inter-operable with industry standard optical HD-sDi signals to/from other Miranda equipment such as routers, DAs and fiber converters from the Densit‚ series, NVisiON routers, picolink converters and the Telecast series Python, Viper i and Viper ii products. They make it easy to expand the systems that you already have and create a wide variety of network topologies.

Intuitive Displays with Built-in Metering
Each rattler 4 unit includes leD indicators to display Power ON, HD-SDI signal presence and on the rx, received optical power level. This provides critical system diagnostic information without the need for additional test equipment, such as an optical power meter.

Secure Power
The rattlers use their own wall-wart power supplies or accept any Dc voltage from 5 to 16 volts via a mini-Xlr4 jack.

  • 3 Gbps SMPTE 424M HD-SDI
  • 1.5 Gbps SMPTE 292M HD-SDI
  • 19.4 Mbps SMPTE 310M
  • 143 to 540 Mbps SMPTE 259M/344M
  • DVB/ASI 270 Mbps
  • AES and MADI audio
  • Plus non-standard digital signals to 3 Gbps
  • Standard formats internally reclocked: 270 Mbps, 1.5 Gbps and 3 Gbps
  • 16 CWDM wavelengths also available - please call your sales representative
  • Up to 50 km distance
  • Cool, efficient, reliable
  • Quick, easy installation
  • LED indicators show you:Power ON, HD-SDI data presence and Rx optical power levels
  • Supports embedded audio
  • Power from 5-16 VDc
  • Durable, reliable and serviceable
  • Very low system jitter
  • >10 dB return loss at 3 GHz
  • Video
  • Transmission method: Digital
  • Input level: 800 mV p-p
  • Input impedance: 75 ohm
  • Coax equalization at 2.97 Gbps: 100 m
  • Output impedance: 75 ohm
  • Bit-error rate at -22 dBm: 10-11
  • Jitter (pathological data pattern): <0.2 UI
  • Rise/fall times: <120 ps
  • Transmission
  • Operating wavelength: 1310, 1550, or 1270-1610 nm (CWDM)
  • Coaxal video connector
  • I/O: BNC
  • Optical connector: ST
  • Optical source: L aser diode (FP or CWDM DFB)
  • Optical detector: PIN-TIA diode
  • Transmitter output: -7 to +3 dBm
  • Receiver sensitivity: -22 dBm
  • Link margin/distance: 15-25 dB / 20-50 km
  • Fiber type: S ingle-mode or multi-mode *
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
  • Singles: 0.75 x 0.75 x 3.2 in
  • Doubles: 0.75 x 1.5 x 3.2 in
  • Weight,each end: 3 oz
  • Input voltage: 5-16 VDC
  • Power connector: plug replaceable, mini XLR
  • Power consumption (typ.) 600 mW
  • Indicators: Power, signal, link, optical power
  • Temperature range,operating: -25° to 55 °C
  • Humidity range: 0 to 95 % RH, non-condensing
Item Includes:
  • 1 Rattler 4 1310nm Transmitter
  • 1 Rattler 4 Receiver
  • 2 LKS-WSU power supplies
  • 1 Pelican Case
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