Atomos ATOMXSYBL1 AtomX Ultrasync Blue Wireless Timecode Sync for Ninja/AtomX SYNC US/CAN Version


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    ATOMXSYBL1US - Overview

    The Atomos ULTRASYNC BLUE is simple, low-cost, and has the potential to synchronize any compatible camera or sound recording device with Bluetooth connectivity. There are no cables to worry about, giving you more freedom to shoot from creative angles with smaller, more mobile cameras. It can even sync iPhones.

    Full sync power without the wires
    UltraSync BLUE is the first product to synchronise timecode over Bluetooth to an expanding range of compatible cameras, audio recorders and apps, which have implemented the timecode over Bluetooth protocol. Once connected, timecode is transmitted wirelessly from the UltraSync BLUE directly into the embedded media file of connected devices. By removing the restrictions of a wired connection, users not only benefit from extra convenience, but also get even more versatility to choose how they sync.

    Flexible wireless sync
    Use a single UltraSync BLUE unit to sync up to six recording devices shooting in close range over Bluetooth. Or uniquely, also connect the UltraSync BLUE to a Timecode Systems long-range RF network and sync to other camera and audio recorders using Timecode Systems units on the same channel. The AtomX SYNC module also works on the same RF network, allowing you to bring wireless timecode sync to Ninja Vs, alongside other devices on set. A perfect combination of using two wireless technologies together to create a flexible and scalable sync system.

    Sustainable battery life
    With 20+ hours battery life from a single charge, the UltraSync BLUE easily outlasts a full shooting day, without sacrificing on size, weight or features.

    Small, adaptable & affordable.
    UltraSync BLUE is 55mm x 44mm x 17mm, weighs only 36g, features a high-resolution blue OLED display, and can sync up to six devices simultaneously. After an initial pairing set-up with the device or app, UltraSync BLUE automatically remembers and connects. Having this super accurate wireless sync available to the device or app, allows the manufacturer to embed timecode metadata directly into the media files. This industry standard timecode is recognised by all professional NLEs. The UltraSync Blue is designed to be user-friendly, discreet and unobtrusive to filming; saving time on set and in the edit.

    • Features:

      • Full Sync Power without the Wires
      • Flexible Wireless Sync
      • Sustainable Battery Life
      • Small, Adaptable & Affordable
    • Specifications:

      • Weight and Dimensions
      • Weight: 0.08Lbs (36g)
      • Dimensions (WxHxD): 2.16 x 1.73 x 0.66" (55 x 44 x 17mm)
      • Mounting: Just position within 10m of your device to sync
      • Cooling: Passive

      • Power: Has an internal battery, and is charged/powered via USB C
      • Battery Type: Li-ion
      • Voltage Battery: 3.7v, USB 5v
      • Capacity: 800 ma/h
      • Run Time: 20 hours +
      • Operating Power: Less than 1 watt
      • Compatible Batteries: n/a
      • DC Input: 5V USB, Type C connector
      • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy timecode server for up to 6 simultaneous clients

        Wireless RF
      • Range: The typical range for synchronisation with a master is approximately 200m (656 feet, 219 yards). This range is based on an uninterrupted line of sight. If there are obstacles between a server and client, the range can be reduced.
      • Frequency: 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz
      • Number of Channels: Up to 14 (Region dependant)
      • Antenna: Internal antennas with diversity reception capability.

      • Multi Channel Digital Transceiver: 865.050MHz to 923.200MHz
      • Timecode Accuracy: TCX0, 0.5ppm when free running. In practice, approximately less than 1 frame drift in 24 hours. Zero ppm when RF locked to a server configured product
      • Frame Rates: 23.976,24,25,29.97,29.97DF,30,30DF

        ULTRASYNC BLUE Module Compatibility
      • Apps
        BLINK Hub: iOS and MacOS control hub, running on Timecode Systems:pulse product
        SYNC NETWORK page (on ATOMX SYNC/Ninja V): Shows as a device on the Ninja V menu system
        UltraSync BLUE Slate: iOS Digital Slate
        Mavis Pro Camera: iOS Video camera
        Apogee MetaRecorder: iOS Audio recorder
        MovieSlate 8: iOS Digital Slate and Logging
        Softron Movie Recorder: MacOS Video Recorder
      • Hardware
        All legacy TCS products: :pulse, :wave, :minitrx+ etc
        UltraSync ONE: LTC and Genlock outputs, sync generator/receiver
        AtomX SYNC: Atomos AtomX module for Ninja V
        SyncBac PRO: GoPro HERO 4/6/7 Black
        Zoom H3-VR: VR Audio Recorder
        Zoom F8: Field Audio Mixer Recorder
        Zoom F8n: Field Audio Mixer Recorder
        Zoom F6: Field Audio Mixer Recorder
    • Item Includes:

      • 1x UltraSync BLUE
      • 1x USB C Charging cable
    • GTIN:


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