Cobalt Digital openGear 9410DA-2EO 3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Fiber Dual EO Transport/Distribution Amp - 1310nm

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    9410DA-2EO - Overview

    The Cobalt® 9410DA-2EO 3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Fiber Dual EO Transport/Distribution Amplifier with Full-Flexibility Crosspoint provides a card-based solution for high-density conversion from coax to fiber (with two independent EO channels), as well as coaxial distribution. The 9410DA-2EO is multi-rate, and supports SDI and ASI/DVB on all inputs and outputs with non-inverting outputs.

    SFP-based EO converters provide state-of-the-art fiber performance, power consumption, and compactness. A crosspoint (which is user-configurable via DashBoard™ GUI remote control) allows the card to apply any of the card inputs to various coax DA outputs as well as two independent fiber output channels. Up to 9 flexibly-sourced coaxial DA outputs are available per each card.

    Using a high-density low-power design along with a high-density split rear module, up to 20 cards can be installed in a frame, providing 40 channels of EO conversion as well as up to 180 coaxial DA outputs. Excellent receive performance allows coaxial receive EQ for up to 110m 3G, 180m HD, and 360m SD cable length (1694A). Full user DashBoard™ or Remote Control Panel remote control allows full status and control access locally or across a standard Ethernet network.

    Note: Inputs/outputs are a function of rear I/O module used.

    • Features:

      • Dual independent coax-to-fiber channels. Fiber outputs can be sourced from any card coaxial input.
      • Full support of 3G/HD/SD-SDI and ASI/DVB
      • Fully-flexible coaxial crosspoint/DA provides up to 9 copies per card. Crosspoint can flexibly select from any card input or output, with auto-reclock or user reclock bypass for any source.
      • Excellent coax receive performance - EQ allows 1694A cable lengths up to 110m (3G) / 180m (HD) / 360m (SD)
      • SFP-based EO converters provide state-of-the-art fiber performance, power consumption, and compactness
      • Automatic reclocking for all SDI data rates (auto-bypass for non-SDI data rates)
      • Optical Tx power status fields allow optical transmit confidence assessment
      • All outputs are non-inverting - ASI can be outputted on any output
      • DashBoard™ status and full remote control
      • Five year warranty
    • Specifications:

      • Power
      • < 10 Watts

        3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Inputs/Outputs (Coaxial Primary)
      • (2) 75O BNC input/outputs max (A-I/O and B-I/O)
      • SDI Formats Supported: SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 424M

        Coaxial Receive Performance (Cable Length; Belden 1694A)
      • SDI Receive Cable Length (1694A): 110m/180m/360m (3G/HD/SD)

        Fiber Transmit Output
      • (2) Fiber outputs (independent paths from card crosspoint); LC connectors
      • Fiber Wavelength, Tx: 1310 nm
      • Tx Power: -5.0 dBm (min)

        3G/HD/SD-SDI / ASI / MADI Outputs (DA Outputs)
      • Four, 1x2 75O BNC outputs (8 total, max). Each DA pair can receive any primary or opposite-channel DA signal.
      • Signal Level: 800 mV nominal
      • Alignment Jitter: 3G/HD/SD: < 0.3/0.2/0.2 UI
      • Timing Jitter: 3G/HD/SD: < 2.0/1.0/0.2 UI
    • Item Includes:

      • 1x Cobalt Digital 9410DA-2EO 3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI Fiber Dual EO Transport/Distribution Amp with Full-Flexibility - 1310nm

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