Clear-Com LQ-2W2 2 Channel Portable Partyline Intercom Over IP Interface


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    LQ-2W2 - Overview

    The ClearCom LQ-2W2 is a portable two-port interface for 2-wire analog partyline systems. It provides two channels of 2-wire audio out (2x XLR). LQ Series devices are versatile connectivity interfaces for linking, extending, and expanding communications over secure LAN, WAN and IP networks. Brand and platform agnostic, LQ can link different industry-standard intercom systems together, irrespective of the type of communications system.

    LQ allows you to connect Clear-Com devices in one or more remote locations to a single system. Furthermore, the interfaces work with SIP telephony systems, allowing Clear-Com's portfolio of intercom systems to seamlessly connect with VoIP phones. LQ is available in the two, four or eight-port device option, providing 2-wire, 4-wire, 4-wire with GPIO, SIP connectivity. LQ eliminates the need for costly audio cable and technically complex cable runs. A maximum of six LQ Series interfaces can be linked together to form a unified system.


    • 2- or 4-port IP interfaces for linking 2-wire, 4-wire and 4-wire with GPIO audio over IP networks
    • The 2-wire option is both Clear-Com and RTS TW compatible.
    • Links communications systems
    • Extends capabilities and channels of a single system
    • Hosts Clear-Com Agent-IC Mobile app
    • Enables GPIO for two-way digital radio connectivity
    • Connects VoIP telephony via SIP
    • Increases I/O port density in HelixNet digital partyline systems

    Cable recommendations

    Category (CAT):
    Higher Cat numbers will support a higher bandwidth. Therefore, by using a higher Cat number, you are future proofing your system to some extent. Example: Cat5; up to 1G. Cat6A; up to 10G. Use CAT5e or higher.

    American Wire Gauge (AWG):
    The lower the AWG number, the less temperature rise there will be in the cable when using PoE. This is particularly important for bundles. Local building regulations may rule out the use of 26AWG or higher, depending on the installation. Check with your local building regulations. Use AWG 24 or lower.

    Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) or Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP):
    Using shielded cable means less problems with interference from other sources. This means that your network will be more robust if you use shielded cables.

    Overall Recommendation: Use CAT6a 23 AWG STP cable.

    How are LQ Series Devices Powered? LQ throw-down units use local power (24 watt sleeve-locking PSU) or Power over Ethernet (PoE). LQ-R 1RU rack units use local power only (2 x 60 watt sleeve-locking PSUs)

    LQ-2W2 - Required Accessories

      LQ-2W2 - Recommended Accessories

      California Residents:
      Cancer and Reproductive Harm -