Studio Technologies Model 373A Intercom Beltpack

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    M373A - Overview

    Having one talk and two listen channels may seem unconventional. But it can be ideal for many "real-world" applications. Often an intercom user is primarily listening and non-verbally responding to requests made by producers, directors, or stage managers. Typically, the Studio Techonologies Model 373A will be configured to be part of one talk-and-listen party-line intercom channel. During the time that an event is taking place the listen function will serve a much more important role; the talk function will rarely be utilized. However, the second listen channel will often be important. Typically, it will be designated as a program-listen or "show audio" channel. The two listen channels, along with the ability to receive and display call signals, allow the Model 373A to very effectively support production personnel in a compact and cost-effective manner.

    Only a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection is required for operation. Key user features can be easily configured using the STcontroller software application. Configurable parameters include electret microphone powering, microphone preamplifier gain, talk button operation, and headphone channel assignment. Features include integrated sidetone, call signal receive display, and remote mic kill ("talk off"). The range of capabilities, along with the excellent audio quality provided by the digital audio signal path, offers a unique and powerful user experience.

    Setting up and configuring a Model 373A is simple. An etherCON® RJ45 receptacle is used to interconnect with a standard twisted-pair Ethernet port associated with a local-area network (LAN). This connection provides both power and bidirectional digital audio. The Model 373A is compatible with both broadcast and "gaming" headsets.

    The STcontroller software application is used to select the unit's operating parameters. The talk pushbutton switch can be configured for optimal operation. Two "push-in/push-out" ("pop-out") rotary controls make it easy to set and maintain the desired headphone output level.

    Dante Audio-over-Ethernet
    Audio data is sent to and received from the Model 373A using the Dante audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. As a Dante-compliant device, the Model 373A's one audio output (Dante transmitter) channel and two audio input (Dante receiver) channels can be interconnected (routed) with other devices using the Dante Controller software application. The Dante transmitter and receiver channels are limited to supporting four Dante flows, two in each direction. The digital audio's bit depth is up to 24 with a sampling rate of 48 kHz. The Model 373A is AES67 compatible and compliant with the Dante Domain Manager™ software application.

    Audio Quality
    The Model 373A offers "pro" audio performance that is not found in typical party-line (PL) intercom beltpacks. A low-noise, wide dynamic-range microphone preamplifier and associated voltage-controlled-amplifier (VCA) dynamics controller (compressor) ensures that microphone audio quality is preserved while minimizing the chance of signal overload. DC power to support electret microphones can be enabled as required. The output of the microphone preamp and compressor is routed to an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) section that supports a sampling rate of 48 kHz with a bit depth of up to 24. The audio signal, now in the digital domain, travels through the processor and on to the Dante interface section where it is packetized and prepared for transport over Ethernet.

    Call Function Receive
    A call receive function allows Model 373A users to be provided with a visual indication that a call signal is active. The orange LED within the pushbutton switch will first flash then light solid whenever a call signal is detected on either of the Dante receiver (input) channels.

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